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Forex trading this road no matter how difficult it is you have to keep going!

For people who do rebateforex have a stable rebateforexfee system, trad cashback forexg Forex Rapid Rebate like gambling, you will experience the thrill of winning money, as well as losing money is not convinced, in short, ForexRapidRebate market will firmly grasp you, can not stop, want to go to give up but again rebateforexbroker again to tell themselves that the next time you can, you always feel bad mentality, and then adjust again by the market a heavy slap, and then you will find that only a simple good mentality does not allow you to In fact, the market is like life, not only need a good mindset, more experience, experience, the same you need to follow the rules and systems of the market, in the premise of following the rules and systems of the market, through experience, improve their own way of trading, institutionalized, specific, standardized trading, so that also opened the door to the Holy Grail of trading, when the transaction is specific, quantified, institutionalized, after the mindset will also be the same. When trading is concretized, quantified, institutionalized, after the mentality is also subsequently improved with pleasure, the psychological course of trading is easy, the initial fantasy, broken by the cruel market, the inner tangle and uncertainty, adjusting to try again, again broken, many people stop here, the same part will be at this stage of the cocoon, will go to find the reasons, summarize the experience, build the system, over and over again to review, rich experience, growth Experience, and then again into the market, or can not profit again to summarize the replay, and so on until the gains to find the Holy Grail, and then a part of the people, again sublimation Avenue to simplicity, to find the balance between trading and life, to find the real trading and life of the Holy Grail, to trade for a living, in fact, from the literal meaning can be understood, the main body is still for life, trading is just a way to meet life, life is not just trading, so trading for a living life and most work is no different, through their own hobbies and interests to earn their own life needs to endure, endure, endure one is, endure loneliness, like a practice, here, the air is thin, less people, talk to no one two is, endure temptation, the world of flowers is too big, while but to endure, and then silent trading when you let go of the world, it will lead you to hell Third, endure trading, which is equivalent to give you enough time and opportunity to trade, will fall into the trading trap, frequent trading is the main killer therefore, can endure trading, the party can make a living from this these three experiences, are the necessary process, slowly endure it can endure after the free world after the free trade, and then the free life because there is enough time to waste, want to travel, there is time, money, just the hobby Before there is a book called "trading for a living", I know some traders often use this phrase to describe their trading life trading for many laymen, seems to be a relatively mysterious and noble industry may it, because the industrys elimination rate is too high, so many people want to know what you a traders daily work is really like Today, here Share the different experiences of a trader at different stages of each career have so many stages: entry → learning → thinking → choosing again → learning → epiphany → promotion → sublimation   entry: when you are young always three days to fish and two days to sunbathe, some people do what they like to do some people do the work arranged by their parents, while some people do what they think is a very profitable industry, but regardless of out of Which choice, trading this industry is always very attractive because this industry is both noble industry, but also give people the feeling that they can earn a lot of money especially like me, around the students who do trading to earn a lot of money, it is involuntary So, so began to trade for a living Learning: China does not specialize in teaching people to do trading professional, so everything can only rely on themselves, or rely on Do investment companies, or by doing trading friends or classmates, which is to learn to trade a few ways to start the hope on friends or companies, do not understand to ask, but ask around, as if to understand, but in the process of doing transactions or can not make money, and then go online to find companies, and then online to see some companies that have free training, rushing to the companys training is to go The company will find that the company is basically a company that allows you to deposit money, and really want to genuinely train the traders company is very little, every time with hope and go, full of disappointment and return, in fact, this time has slowly started to enter the industry, not to say into the business of trading, but to understand the traders industry in the society of some of the basic rules this time has actually begun to realize that the industry In fact, it is not as simple as originally thought (when aware of these times, some of them are at this time to give up the industry) in many things to do not do well, always want to have more communication or more ways to learn, so the Internet shopping forums or blogs, reading books became the mainstream of this stage, on the Internet or books to see a lot of successful trading system, it seems that what they say are is right, but when you try, there are always losses and gains, the result is still more losses than gains, this stage will generally last 3-5 months or even longer to think and choose again: after half a year of persisting in this way, because this stage is always no income, if not a rich generation, the basic life may also begin to appear problems, this stage of giving up people are actually particularly large, this At this time there will be two situations: one is to start trading as a side business or give up the industry altogether, the other continues to suffer, full-time trading, more efforts  learning: in fact, this time to start re-entering the market again, often see a glimmer of light, this stage has actually begun to really like the trader this career step forward, you can say began After half a year of learning → practice → learning → summary → practice process, a lot of basic knowledge has been very familiar, like 1 + 1 = 2, as soon as a lot of knowledge familiar to a certain extent when you can blend with each other, in this way after the intersection, will understand a truth: the original knowledge of many technical aspects are the same, began to have their own for trading When you look back at the previous books or forum articles, you will find that you can write such articles, or even write more profoundly even so, in the actual trading process is still not stable profit, but the overall is not always loss as before, began to slowly level out this stage of time varies from person to person, some people half a year, some a year, or Longer time in short, when adhering to this stage, even if you can not do a trader, do an analyst is no problem, this stage will also be two situations account has not been too much improvement, some people choose to do the analyst, and some people choose to continue to fight in the trading industry epiphany: general a trader in the absence of professional training situation, 2-3 years is You can achieve stable profits, which also depends on the enlightenment after you do trading for so long, suddenly one day found that the original trading so simple, how did not think of it before But often the more simple things are more difficult to do sublimation: this time, you may have become a fund manager, perhaps have their own company, perhaps continue to study this time trading is as natural to you as breathing  nbsp; trading is an art, trading for a living traders and other work is no different than what experience, only the process may be more arduous some  in fact, people are curious, for they do not know, or do not understand, or even long for the industry, always want to know more professional trading six years, six years each years experience is different, from the initial elation The frenzy to the contradictory struggle and then to the breeze, trading, moment by moment, is recording the growth of a persons heart how much money for the time being, after all, before exiting the market who is not necessarily a winner, not to mention that more people do not believe, said less will scoff, people, who do not have a low peak? Traders are lonely, or rather lonely so that traders live on, one side we are afraid of loneliness, but also ready to be alone, contradictory not? In common sense, people are a herd species, people have developed herd habits in order to better face natural dangers, people by nature hate solitude, fear solitude, like to work together, and intend to build better interpersonal relationships to face various problems while trading forces you to enter a state of solitude, if you do not enter, the 28 law of punishment is ready for you, that is, the other day nature of the tendency to avoid harm is dictating you to face Loneliness grows fast, professional trading, just like adding leverage to life, growth is much faster than ordinary industry, and inattentive demise is also much faster, so even Livermore, if you cant control your human nature leverage, also to perish in general professional trading is constantly growing in loneliness, to develop a persons ability to fight alone revisit the theme song of the Eight Dragons of Heaven, which is clearly talking about trading the The difficult to read the scriptures" laugh you and I in vain to spend light minded love competition mirror flowers that beautiful afraid that luck will pass away in the twinkling of an eye for greed, anger, joy, evil and anger fascinated blame you and I too greedy for power love potential blame the earth beings too beautiful regret the old days too persistent faith vow for sorrow, joy, grief and jealousy fascinated ah can not let go of the bright world ah can not hide from the comfort of infatuation ah can not find the color instead of ah Sen a lifetime Sen can not penetrate this puzzle swallowed wind kissed rain buried sunset has not wandered to bully the mountains to catch the sea trampled snow path also not desperate flicking flowers The wine is the worlds love crazy with these two eyes and a hundred arms or a thousand hands can not prevent the sky is wide and snowy together with who sailed this sand rolled water wrinkled laughing wanderlust greedy moment to teach that daughter love long buried Author: with the wind dive into the night

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