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Get the Most Out of Your Sirius XM Subscription

Sirius XM holds a significant foothold in the car industry, and it"s a reputable company that offers a wide variety of options to keep you entertained while on the go. The company boasts a large subscriber base of over 32 million customers, which makes it one of the biggest players in the burgeoning car entertainment space. It also offers subscription options for users of other vehicles, such as trucks and aircraft, making it one of the most diverse and versatile companies in the business. But if you"re considering subscribing to a service that can offer you a ton of entertainment, you"ll want to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Sirius XM is also the most innovative company in the biz, and its new flagship product, the SiriusXM Guardian(tm), a hands-free, voice activated assistant that lets you make and receive calls, control music playback, and control a wide range of other devices, is worth a look. Using the SiriusXM gizmo, you can initiate remote commands to your car, check your calendar and find out the weather. In addition, it"s worth mentioning that it"s available in most major automakers.

Among the myriad perks that Sirius XM offers, you"ll find a number of notable achievements, including being the first company to offer a prepaid, trial subscription program for owners of new cars. That"s right, you can actually sign up for the service before you even take delivery of your brand new car, and you"ll also get a nifty Sirius XM car phone with a built-in GPS receiver.

Of course, the most impressive thing is the fact that the company offers subscribers a free trial. This is the largest monthly subscription offer on the planet, and it"s a great way to try out all of the company"s perks without having to commit to a subscription right away. If you"re a true fan of Sirius XM"s music and news content, you can opt for a broader, more expensive package that includes satellite radio and online streaming for a more budget-friendly price. You may also be interested in the company"s offerings in the form of a satellite radio and HD Radio.

Whether you"re a longtime user or are just getting started with the company, it"s always a good idea to call customer service to make sure you"re on the right track. Not only is this a great way to solve any nagging issues that crop up, it can also help ensure you"re on the most competitive deal possible. Plus, the company"s customer service isn"t just limited to the telephone, so if you find yourself in need of a hand when you"re on the road, you"re more likely to get the help you need.

Besides the sexiest and most expensive, the most useful and clever thing to do when you"re on the road is to use an Alexa device. This smart speaker can be set up to give you directions, read your calendar for you, and turn on your porch lights when you arrive home. Other cool things you can do with an Alexa include playing music and controlling your home"s lighting.

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