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Forex trading forex traders have to be like snipers not musketeers

For their enemies the snipers Forex Rapid Rebate the army have a deadly weapon, which rebateforexbroker not moving at all patience rebateforexfee waiting this is their mysterious weapon this is a kind of ability to consciously control their will and body despite being in a state of high mental tension for a long time this concept also applies in forex rebateforex In forex trading, you must have your own weapon, you must be skilled in the application of your weapon you need to develop strong self-control to maintain their own principles you must keep your weapon in the face of frequent and short-lived full positions and over-leveraged without making any mistakes now, trading is not as brutal as war often, but you still have to control your will and body those c cashback forexfully selected and carefully chosen traders are the trading of the They usually succeed in making money in the long term, while those traders who are like artillery operators fire when they see a target and just expect to run out of their money sooner and end the trade sooner Lets talk about how you can trade like a sniper instead of an artillery operator and accept the truth that less is ForexRapidRebate One of the lessons that traders learn from snipers is that less is actually more Forex trading is actually Less is more occasions however, more is better is commonplace among forex newbies More forex indicators, more orders, more analysis, means more money ...... What is the end result behind such wrong thinking? If you want to be a sniper and not a gunner, then the first thing you need to do is to accept the truth of forex trading that less is more and wait quietly like a sniper for the target to appear and know that they are really in sight you need to Learn how to show your secret weapon in the market using price behavior theory can get us more opportunities in trading, the daily chart is like our battlefield to sharpen our weapons high time frame as I mentioned before, the daily chart can be your battlefield to train you to become a sniper in trading daily charts are the most valuable weekly charts are also more accurate, but they do not provide us with enough targets & nbsp nbsp;These targets are patterns of price behavior and you should consider them in a higher time frame because a higher time frame means a higher likelihood of pattern formation Think about it, snipers are not the gunners who prepare plans in advance as the highest value targets and these targets can decide the battle forex trading you should look for those who can leave a positive impact on your track record of high Possibility of the model musketeers trading in the lower time frame, they do not make any effort, only to lose more and more money there is really no need to chart trading in less than 1 hour charts, try to find entry points in those high value high possibility daily charts, especially when you are still in the learning phase patience If there is something remarkable about snipers in the army, it is: patience patience is like magic, can make Sniper in the task of a hundred hits, but also traders in forex trading to become a sniper most traders are losing money, many newcomers in addition to not doing patience almost everything to do with the mention of money, people will always show no patience this is greed but if you do not learn to become a patient trader, you will never learn self-control and become a real trader in Snipers master strategies Snipers go through years of training to make their weapons sharp, perfect, and accurate shots They also know where their targets are and dont hesitate when shooting Similarly, you need to learn those trading strategies to accurately identify your targets in the market However, you need more than that, you need to master them and become proficient at them, otherwise, you will never unlock your potential in the Forex market potential

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