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The foreign rebateforex market, like other investment markets, also has r Forex Rapid Rebateks, and foreign exchange margin rebateforexbroker brings high profit opportunities for investors, but also brings risks, but no one will choke, for investors, will ForexRapidRebate give up the opportunity to obtain high profits because of the possible risks. Only cashback forex you have accumulated sufficient trading experience and have a consistently good trading record rebateforexfee you consider gradually expanding the opening ratio. For newcomers to the currency market, we believe that it is safer to open a position of no more than 5%, while traders with better experience can generally Open a position of 10% (100 times the leverage) Each transaction should set a stop loss price, and strictly enforce, when the exchange rate to their own operation of the favorable direction of operation, you can constantly track the narrowing of the stop loss (such as long, when the exchange rate rose can raise the stop loss price; short, when the exchange rate fell can be adjusted downward stop loss price), but in turn, when the exchange rate to the unfavorable direction of their open positions can not expand the stop loss, otherwise In general, a relatively small stop-loss control risk is relatively small, short-term operations can set a relatively small stop loss, medium and long-term operations can set a relatively large stop loss in addition to the stop-loss point is not set farther than the mandatory closing point (Note 1), or not to the stop-loss price will be forced to close the position, the stop-loss price will not work Set a stop-win Also can reduce the risk, because the floating profit generated by the open position is not really money, only profit is really earned when closed Generally speaking, short-term operations, stop-win can be relatively small, long-term operations, stop-win relatively large In addition, each operation stop-win space is preferably twice the stop-loss space or even higher, only when the potential return to risk ratio is relatively high is worth to do Hold positions for a long time, because the longer the position The longer the time, the more uncertain events that may occur during the period, the greater the risk to the open part, so the potential risk of short term trading is less than long term trading Avoid holding positions over major data, the announcement of events, and do not hold positions over the weekend short term efforts to improve the stability of their own transactions, a period of time to obtain the same point earnings trading record is less volatile, and the risk involved is also smaller In addition, to improve the proficiency of the use of the trading platform is also worth doing. Improve the proficiency of the use of the trading platform, but also help investors better control the risk of foreign exchange trading in the actual operation before, through a large number of simulated trading platform operations, can effectively avoid unnecessary losses caused by low-level errors such as the wrong order, under the reverse order Note: the definition of forced position closure: when the customer minimum margin requirements are not met or maintained, the foreign exchange market has the right to liquidate any or all of the positions held position calculation Forced closing point is mainly calculated after opening a position can withstand the maximum repercussions fluctuation points