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Forex Psychology Risk and emotions are related

Have you eve rebateforex wondered about the role of rebateforexfee rebateforexbroker your life? However, in our career as traders, success depends directly on the degree to which a trader ForexRapidRebate able to control his emotions Forex Rapid Rebate then determine the factors that dominate the cashback forex This is why demo trading cannot teach you how to make money in the market, simply because the biggest flaw in demo trading is that there is no influence of emotions In a way, emotions drive the market, and vice versa. Conversely, the market drives emotions – this is a huge irresistible flow of emotions In this article we will talk about the emotions of traders, in this chapter learn – about emotions and the psychology of the market Do you realize that when the limits of risk are exceeded in your trading, you open the door to negative emotional influences This emotion tends to confuse your mind just like turning off the lights in trading. Emotions cloud your mind and deprive you of the ability to objectively assess the situation. Emotions are an obstacle, a part of your nature, which prevents you from working efficiently and making money in the market. In life, there is a lot of energy to deal with emotions, but in trading, we use the main factor to achieve and maintain a clear mind – which for each trade is careful risk management Risk and emotions are related If the risk is more than you can take, beyond the limits of risk you feel comfortable with, this will affect all other aspects of your trading First, this will affect the correctness of your decisions, once you start trading, this will The more you reflect on the correctness of your actions in the market, the more so traders should always reflect on what level the emotional impact is at The greatest emotional impact is after a trade in the event of a loss, frustration and greed can lead to returning to the market a second time without a real trade setup and without reacting accordingly to the market situation This behavior can lead to greater psychological damage as they lead to greater Losses This cycle may repeat itself over and over again until the trade is stopped for lack of margin to open a new position This is emotion! If it is a successful trade, the trader tends to exaggerate his power and pleasure, thus preventing him from seeing the real situation The more experienced traders know about the trade, the less likely it will be to handle it correctly The more emotions attached to the trade, the worse the market view and the lower the ability to make money The amount of capital at risk in a trade is directly related to the degree of your emotional instability The key to stabilizing your emotions is through trading The ability to plan to manage risk in the market when you learn to trade with small amounts of money in the real market must be determined through experience to determine a comfortable level of risk that will not put too much emotional pressure on you when you are in the market Obviously, the amount of acceptable risk will depend on financial situation, trading skills and experience You may need to conduct a series of trials and errors to find your risk tolerance level starting with small amounts of money Trade, for example, a cents account so that when losses occur, they do not damage your emotions too much Open a position, get a feel for how much pressure the market is putting on you, and how well you return to monitor the progress of the trade If you pass this level, we congratulate you! Nothing can stop you, you are on your way to success because you have learned to control your emotions and thoughts  Learn more about forex - forex basics, how to speculate on forex questions and answers, please visit: forex learning section 

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