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Forex gold trend and technical pattern analysis

rebatef cashback forexex analys rebateforexbroker trend is the long-term Forex Rapid Rebate trend price trend can be divided into three kinds: (a) up trend, (b) down trend rebateforexfee (c) bull / sideways Figure for the international London ForexRapidRebate from February 2007 to May 2008 daily trend chart In February 2007 to July 2007, gold prices in the bull / sideways phase in In this trend, the gold price is restrained by a resistance above (about $690); there is also a bottom support below (about $640) The gold price has touched the resistance above twice and touched the resistance below three times, all failed to break through in this period, the gold price overall for the bullish / sideways trend in mid-August 2007 to mid-March 2008, the gold price is in an uptrend, the overall along an off-plane In the overall uptrend, although the gold price has fallen, but each fall will not fall through the upward track, but the pace of rise is higher and higher, in the technical trend is also known as "one wave is higher than one wave" In mid-March 2008 to mid-May, the gold price is in a downtrend, the overall along a 42 degree downward track from the horizontal. Although there are up and down, but each rise will not rise through the downward track, but the pace of decline is getting lower and lower, in the technical trend is also known as "a wave lower than a wave" resistance / support and other investment products, due to the different views of the gold trend, the market will exist both buyers and sellers, there are also speculators to capture the price fluctuations market collectively called bullish price rise side as "friends" and the other side as "light friends In the technical trend, the development of support and resistance levels for the actual investment strategy is crucial resistance level when the strength of the friends than the light friends, the price will continue to rise with the price rise, more and more people are optimistic about the future price trend, so that the strength of the "friends" to strengthen, and rapidly push up the price until the price rises to a higher level, the supply and demand pressure increases and "friends" Profittaking (Profittaking) and other factors, resulting in the momentum of the price rise can not be continued under the factors of this and that, the power of the sellers began to be greater than the buyers, the price at a certain level began to turn back down, the price level is called "resistance level" support level when the power of the sellers than the buyers, the price will continue to fall back with the price fall back, more and more people are bearish on the future price trend The trend, so that the "light friend" power to strengthen, sharply push down prices until the price fell to a lower level, demand rose to support prices, coupled with "light friend" profit taking (Profittaking) and other factors, resulting in the price of the power to fall can not be continued, the factors of this and that, the buyers began to be greater than the power of the sellers, the price at a certain level began to turn around and rise, the Price level is called "support level"  "resistance level" and "support level" will be repeated, because each resistance or support, is a buddy and a friend of the place must fight if the price rises through the resistance level, or fall through the resistance level, will lead to more people to follow the trend, to promote prices continue to rise or fall on the other hand, "resistance level" and "support level" has a phase exchange (Exchange On the other hand, "resistance" and "support" have the characteristic of exchange, when the resistance level is broken, the old "resistance level" will become the new "support level"; conversely, after the support level is broken, the old "support level" will become the new "resistance level" In 2007, in early November, gold established a resistance level at $846. Breakthrough 846 yuan "resistance", since then "resistance" into "support" level, to the end of January 2008, gold retracement also failed to fall back to the level Figure for the international London gold from October 2007 to March 2008 daily trend chart Form analysis price trend is not away from the rise, fall or sideways three pattern analysis, is the graphical analysis experts according to the previous price trend The shape of the predicted trend tools, summarized in basic terms, the situation analysis can be divided into two categories, respectively, for the turning trend pattern or consolidation pattern   turning trend pattern is the price from rising to falling, or from falling to rising process graphics   turning trend pattern has the following categories:                                      Head and shoulders potential          nbsp;   Head and shoulders trend, can be divided into head and shoulders top and head and shoulders bottom it seems like a human figure, with a head, left shoulder, right shoulder and neckline when the price breaks in the right shoulder neckline, the market does not believe that has turned the trend, try to push the price back to the neckline level again but failed price eventually still to the opposite direction, the price target will be the head to the neckline distance                                  nbsp;Three tops/three bottoms        Three tops/three bottoms are similar to the head and shoulders potential, except that the price trend is not like a human shape, but rather the formation of three tops or three bottoms Similarly, when the price breaks through the neckline, the price target will be the height of the top or bottom to the neck depending on the rally The number of different times, the trend also has the following double top / bottom, and V top / bottom                       The double top / double bottom      double top / double bottom         double top / double bottom, is the price formed two tops or two bottoms to double top for example, the price first rose to a new high, and then made Adjustment, after the price rebounded again, trying to challenge the last high, but unfortunately failed to price regain and sudden neckline, the price target is the distance from the top to the neckline                      nbsp;           V top / V bottom           V top / V bottom is formed due to The market atmosphere is extremely strong or extremely weak, when the turn of the momentum comes very suddenly, so that the price appears to be a big rise and fall or a big fall and rise of the situation                       nbsp;           The formation of a V-top/V-bottom is due to an extremely strong or extremely weak market atmosphere The V-top/V-bottom is formed because the market atmosphere is extremely strong or extremely weak, and when the trend comes, it comes very suddenly, so that prices appear to rise and fall or fall and rise                         nbsp;         rectangle            The formation of the rectangle is also due to a good faint contention, the result of mutual disagreement to The right figure as an example, the price climbed to a high level after the retreat, but every to a certain low will be supported, but up to a certain high level and then be sold price repeated fluctuations, so there are two balanced support and resistance lines at this time, if the price falls below the support line, the price will fall sharply, the price target for the height of the rectangle        ;                      diamond-shaped       nbsp;    The diamond is composed of a radial triangle and a narrowing triangle / The formation of the diamond is because the price is in a very unstable state, friends and light friends trample each other, so that the price both sharply and repeatedly rise and fall the same, when the price breaks through, the price will turn sharply, the price target for the highest point of the diamond and The distance of the lowest point Figure for London gold from July 2006 to March 2007 daily trend chart in early September 2006 by the $ 640 level began to fall in $ 580 to form the "left shoulder", after the price rose back to $ 600 above the level after the price quickly fell back to nearly $ 560, the formation of "head", the price rose again to $ 600 level The third time the gold price fell to the $580 level after the rebound, the formation of the "right shoulder" when the gold price broke through the "neckline", "head and shoulders" pattern is basically completed by the breakthrough point, the gold price measurement of the rise can reach the "head" to the vertical distance of the neckline (about $40) In fact, the gold price in early December 2006 has risen to $640 Chart for international London gold from March 2007 to July 2007 daily chart in early March 2007, gold prices along the upward track up to $694 met resistance to fall back, forming the first "top" gold prices back down to $668 near the beginning of the rebound rebounded to $690 near again met resistance to form a second "top" gold prices then penetrated the neckline (about $668 level), "double top" The shape is basically complete, measuring the decline of up to $ 20 or more although the gold price in early June appeared "after the draw" type rebound, but soon also see the top back down Figure for the international London gold from July 2004 to April 2006 daily chart From February 2005 to February 2006, the gold price repeatedly up and down, the formation of a circular bottom, that is, the "round bottom" To 2006 January to March, gold prices have signs of rising, the same period also formed a "saucer handle" situation, for the big rise to start the prologue                        nbsp;        Triangles           Triangles are formed because buyers and sellers fight over the situation, and prices rise and fall constantly recurring, and price volatility is slowly narrowing, until a certain party victory, the price will break through a party, continue its ascending or descending trend after the breakthrough price target, is the price into the triangle trend before the ascending or descending                 nbsp;               Flag               nbsp;flag by the flag pole and flag body, can be divided into rising flag and falling flag flag flag formation reason, because the price after a significant rise or significant decline, by the market profit-taking or for short covering prices after digestion, will again continue its rising or falling trend after the breakthrough price target, is the price into the flag trend before the rise or fall      nbsp;                           wedge  nbsp;       Wedge is a combination of triangle and flag, can be divided into rising wedge and falling wedge, the application method is similar to both, are at the breakthrough level, follow the breakthrough direction to buy and sell the price target after the breakthrough, is the price into the wedge trend before the rise or fall  Figure for the international London gold from June 2007 to February 2008 price daily chart Gold prices from July 2007 began to rise, from $650 up to $850 However, the beginning of November 2007 to the end of December, gold prices obviously into a triangle consolidation situation gold prices in the triangle up and down, to successfully break through the triangle trend, gold prices again Pick up and go up

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