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Foreign exchange trading experts talk about the experience of making a single!

From the style, Lao Wang Forex Rapid Rebate an extremely experienced short term trend cashback forex player, she holds a short position (usually one or two days), species and direction change quickly, so it is a short-term trend trading practice her approach, not only to obtain a stable profit, but also to maintain a high profit rate recently, on the trading concept, trading experience, ForexRapidRebate control and other issues on her interview rebateforexfee rebateforex investment you are used to What are your usual trading techniques (trend investing, arbitrage, hedging, short term trading, intraday trading)? What are your successful experiences? Lao Wang: My trading approach is mainly a combination of trend chasing and short term trading have the following experiences: First, the favorable positions as much as possible to retain; second, the direction of the short term positions and trends as much as possible to maintain the same; third, the short term as much as possible to heavy positions; fourth, when found in a variety of favorable factors together, will be heavy to stay overnight single what is the main varieties of operation? Please talk about your trading philosophy, risk control principles, etc. Lao Wang: basically all varieties rebateforexbroker am involved in major quotes can not remember, because in my more than ten years of foreign exchange investment career has seen a lot of major quotes about trading philosophy can be summarized in one sentence: try to trade in the direction of the trend, do not operate against the market However, this sentence is easy to say not easy to do, because the understanding of the trend of divergence is too much, the actual operation has no trend In itself is a big problem as for risk control, this is a very important issue, who all know that the risk should be strictly controlled, but how to control the specific is worth exploring the degree of risk is like a ruler, because the role of leverage, the degree of risk of foreign exchange is very flexible, investors choose the space is also very large traditional sense, but also a generally accepted standard is strict control of risk, the implementation of the time often from the use of margin Ratio to control, such as the good market only use 10% of the margin but the actual operation, I think the risk degree of choice should be a little flexible, one should consider the amount of capital, one should consider the purpose of your investment in foreign exchange whether foreign or domestic, fund managers have a set of strict capital use control system, the purpose is mainly to control risk, but for the vast majority of domestic foreign exchange investors, you take They set as your capital management standards, it is too dull in addition to participate in foreign exchange investment, need a passion I have always felt that foreign exchange in more often than not is an art, it is difficult to imagine a dull, no passion can engage in a good art so the control of risk, I think it is by no means limited to the use of margin ratio, the choice of risk level should also vary from person to person there is a standard for reference: each person The degree of risk you choose to keep your brain active, watching the market feels more addictive than watching American blockbusters When it comes to the level of foreign exchange investment, this is a more interesting topic When I first started out, I met two people who I have not been able to forget for 15 years a person was 30 years old, after doing six months of foreign exchange broker full of gray hair; the other is a Taiwanese, then about 50 years old, it is said that before coming to the mainland Also worked on Wall Street for 20 years two people who were graduate level analysis of the market has a common feature, is the analysis to the end, the computer is full of all kinds of lines, especially the Taiwanese man, his computer on the line so dense that often you can not even analyze the object - K-line chart can not see this is two very hard-working people, but the end is that both people are 30 years old at the time, after six months of doing foreign exchange broker hair; the other is a Taiwanese, then about 50 years old, it is said that before coming to the mainland before working on Wall Street 20 years. But the end is, two people are sadly left the foreign exchange market to learn martial arts from the basics, and then learn more and more, the level is getting higher and higher, and finally into the ranks of the so-called "first-class masters" I want to say is that for us to do foreign exchange people, if it comes to "level "This issue, we should think more about the jianghu "super" first-class masters are how to train back to the above the growth of the first-class masters, in a variety of martial arts book at the end, the first-class masters must have experienced another "from something to nothing "This is actually a process of removing the essence of the coarse and removing the false to keep the true to the current market in the foreign exchange books, for example, there are many books, I myself only repeatedly read John Murphys "technical analysis of futures" 600 pages or so. About 600 pages of the book, now I often use things, if the re-record, about a page is enough I never dare to say they are masters, but I think if one day I can forget all the contents of this page, I must be on another level

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