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What Forex Rapid Rebate rebateforexfee s rebateforexbrokergle? It may be known by the public is the store brush rebateforex, store payment to ask people to pretend to be customers, with fake shopping to improve the ranking of online stores cashback forex sales to obtain sales and good reviews to attract customers March 15, 2016, CCTV 315 evening exposure of online shopping brush single insider then what is the foreign exchange brush single? We talk to you today 【Rebate Policy】 Forex brush single, as the name implies is to brush single and do foreign exchange ForexRapidRebate, then why brush single? The main is based on the foreign exchange commission policy Here the commission policy is a foreign exchange broker in order to attract customers and put forward a policy, because the current domestic foreign exchange market for traders, transaction costs are mainly concentrated in the spread, choose a foreign exchange broker, the spread is a lot of traders consider a factor So some brokers in order to attract customers to put forward the commission. The commission here actually refers mainly to the spread, thus reducing the transaction costs of traders to attract customers Some people feel that the wool is on the sheeps back, but in fact it is possible to save you money as long as you pay attention to whether the original spread, is not zero commission The spread is mainly divided into fixed spreads and floating spreads, so in the rebate will also be divided into different rebate policy, generally speaking, fixed spreads will be given to each The standard hand fixed dollar rebate, such as $ 11 / hand, while the floating spread is calculated proportionally, such as the rebate for 28% of the opening spread But then someone found that the use of rebates can be brushed single profit, in the heavy trading while reducing the risk of trading 【brush trading】 【brush net and brush rebates】 The current many people will be divided into two kinds of brush trading The first one is the brush rebate, which we mentioned above, the following will also be introduced specifically; there is a brush net value, this brush net value is to very light position, higher frequency trading, each transaction is very earned than the transaction costs a little higher, to win by volume In my opinion, the second brush net value of the way, equivalent to scalping transactions, high-frequency trading so we do not do much here to introduce, and not In fact, his profit model mainly lies in the tiny profit per pen, the number of singles does not directly bring profit and we here the brush single refers to the number of brush lots, brush rebates, the main profit point from the broker to give the number of lots a rebate  [brush single (brush rebate)] Why brush single?  We give an example, assuming that Europe and the United States fixed spread of 2.2 account, the rebate of $11 (this is a small see a broker to give the rebate policy), 10,000 U.S. dollars, once under 1 hand Europe and the United States  For a short term expert, keep the net value does not retreat under, a day to do after 40 to 50 hands of the difficulty is not great, after all, your profit point in the rebate, so as long as float a very small point on it to a day 40 hands calculation, a hand rebate of $11, 22 trading days, 1w of principal, a month of net earnings of $9680 earnings, I think about it all feel horrible brush single most afraid of what?  From the above example you can see that the brush single has a very big temptation for traders, so where is the downside of the brush single?  Do rebate brush single in order to pursue the number of lots traded, basically are heavy trading, can accept the floating point is very small, and in the actual transaction, once set want to unsettle the basic only to add a position Heavy trading risk is high, the return is large and brush single trading risk is also high, but compared to ordinary heavy trading, his advantage is that its requirements of the floating small, so invisible to reduce part of the The risk but no matter how to reduce, once you encounter a unilateral market, the direction of a reversal, there will be a blowout so brush single trading favorite market is the bilateral oscillating market 【Notice】 1. Some brokers will use high spreads, high rebates, in fact, the cost is not reduced by much, just like the double 11 discount, in fact, many are first raised in the discount, the strength Not as big as we thought 2. The use of commission brushing single, also belongs to the heavy trading, for newcomers, its more difficult, not recommended for newcomers to operate

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