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Foreign exchange novice three trading advice

ForexRapidRebateeign exchange trad rebateforexbrokerg Forex Rapid Rebate a superior financial investment products than the stock rebateforex investment, its investment direction is the global foreign exchange market, can provide global trading varieties, such as the popular XAU, USOIL rebateforexfee the seven major currency pairs because of the daily fluctuations in the exchange rate is not as large as the stock market, if the real exchange trading investment, the rate of return is small use of margin trading to invest. Foreign exchange investors can use the principle of leverage, a small fight, two-way trading, flexible operations, and because it is a global market, the market is controlled by individuals or institutions have very little chance, so compared to the stock market more transparent and fair speculation in foreign exchange may seem complicated, but in fact the regularity is very strong grasp these laws, even for newcomers, you can also taste the joy of making cashback forex in a relatively short period of time stable here to help The three major treasures to make money: First, speculation in foreign exchange to follow the trend of the most direct manifestation of the laws of market movement, is the trend of the correct treatment of the trend of the only approach, is to follow the trend and operate this is the speculative market to make money and even long-term survival of the first major treasure of the United States a famous investment expert Stanley Crowe once said: the most profitable and the most reassuring operation, always follow the prevailing trend and operate when the loss of The most miserable and feel the greatest pressure of the operation, always in the time I set up or hold the counter-trend money-losing positions do not put newcomers in learning to trade, to understand that the establishment of the direction of price action, for the overall success or failure of the transaction, has an extremely important value through objective analysis to determine the direction, and then leap into the trend, and has been in it, with its drift, as long as the trend continues to their advantage, must hold tight positions to sit on the profits Learn to trade in the direction of the trend, and in this process of floating with the trend, through money management, to get excellent operating results this is the essence of the trend for newcomers, the recommended analysis tool is the moving average as a clear and concise trend indicators, moving averages in following the trend has not bad efficacy, thus gaining the favor of the real masters of the specific application can be done by The second, speculation in foreign exchange to grasp the big and small just involved in trading novice, to start to pay attention to the development of systematic trading thinking, not counting the momentary gains and losses, but for long-term stable overall earnings to do this, you must learn to choose among the many market opportunities, seize the big opportunities, give up small opportunities Therefore, the two core factors for assessing opportunities, namely the risk-return ratio and success rate, must be firmly grasped, which is the second major asset for newcomers to make money The so-called risk-return ratio, that is, the ratio of a transactions potential risk loss and expected return, is the risk-return ratio For example, we intend to execute a transaction, after analysis, if we estimate the potential loss value is 100 points, while the profit target is 300 points For example, if our potential loss is 100 pips and our profit target is 300 pips, then the risk-return ratio of this trade is 1:3. The so-called success rate is the probability of successful trading. is 300x7-100x3=1800 points assuming our risk-reward ratio is 300 points: 100 points, the success rate is 90%, each loss of 300 points, each profit of 100 points, then in 10 transactions, the overall profit will be 100x9-300x1=600 points considering these two core factors, the smaller the risk-reward ratio, the higher the success rate of the transaction, is what we want to Efforts to pursue the third, speculation in foreign exchange to limit losses hold long limit losses (stop-loss settings), to preserve the principal, under the premise of holding positions with profit potential for as long as possible, so that profits grow, which is the third magic bullet of speculation to make money in the world of trading, there is no 100% of all predictions correct Holy Grail, all analysis and predictions are a possibility so, for the uncertainty of the market, we must take measures to For example, the use of stop-loss orders to control the risk of imagining the market risk of this quagmire lurking in the crocodile bite your foot, if you do not bear to give up the foot, then the crocodile will swallow your whole body risk as a shadow, and the trader closely, so the novice to have a clear understanding of risk after setting a stop loss, the trader will have a clear quantitative understanding of the bottom of the loss, which is conducive to maintaining Stable trading psychology in limiting losses at the same time, must learn to make money by holding a long to make up for the losses caused by mistakes only hold a long to make a lot of money, only to make a lot of money to make up for the losses caused by mistakes and have a balance, these balances are the last trading profits will not stop loss investors are sure to lose, will only stop loss investors are sure to lose, only both will stop loss and will make money investors, to taste the taste of long-term money for traders. To taste the taste of long-term money for an investor who has just entered the foreign exchange market, even if your knowledge and experience is not as rich as some veterans, but as long as you firmly grasp the three magic words provided in this article, and through continuous practice with care, in the foreign exchange market to make money is not difficult!

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