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Foreign exchange market do not completely superstitious common indicator trap

Speaking of technical analys ForexRapidRebate, investors cashback forex most familiar with nothing more than the KDJ, MACD, RSI rebateforexfee other common technical indicators Many primary foreign exchange market technical textbooks even include the rebateforexbroker indicators in the primary content to focus on the explanation and in fact, these indicators for the average investor, although they rebateforex also play some useful reference role, but their role is obviously over-exaggerated After a lot of actual combat control research, we can even say that more than 50% of the signals issued by these system indicators are wrong, which is not as high as the value of our practical reference coin toss  Of course, these technical indicators are easy to use, judgment intuitive, simple observation of the golden fork or dead fork seems to be able to get the information of the future rise and fall, because of this, it is deeply affected by the majority of retail investors But here I would like to ask superstitious readers of such indicators to think about a few points:   One, these indicators issued by the buy-sell signal almost all market participants can see, so according to this operation whether everyone can be full of return? Common sense tells us that this is absolutely impossible  Second, these indicators themselves from a period of time the exchange rate data calculation, but many currency price changes are difficult to ensure that absolutely not subject to human influence, it is the same as these indicators can also be easily manipulated, but may become a means of deception  Third, some people think that you can use a combination of different technical indicators to determine ( For example, at the same time look at KDJ, RSI and other indicators), can avoid bias, in fact, this is more obvious thinking misunderstanding because the conclusion of the operation of the judgment must be only two, or right or wrong, success and failure of each accounted for 50%, like the toss of a coin, when you are unsure of the results of a coin toss, then even toss 3 or even 10 coins at the same time and how much can make the success rate increase?   In the market, the only K-line trend and volume is the most faithful and trustworthy, even if the main force to do a little bit of manipulation will be exposed in the K-line chart volume, price, time, space these four elements are also written in the K-line, which is why many of the classic investment theories passed down for a hundred years, such as Elliotts wave theory, Gann series are derived from the most primitive K-line chart and later developed from this From this perspective, we hope that investors can abandon the former over-reliance on these technical indicators and learn to use the real market language K-line to grasp the secrets of currency price changes

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