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Foreign exchange margin trading of how to prevent foreign exchange trading fraud 6 - foreign exchange regulators

U.S. Commodity Futures Trad rebateforexbrokerg Comm cashback forexsion ( rebateforex) in the United States, we usually call the CFTC … … big brother this agency was established in 1974, in order to protect individuals (ordinary people, just like you) ForexRapidRebate Forex Rapid Rebate commodities trading because futures including currency markets, so the CFTC also naturally protects foreign exchange traders from 1974 to the present, the CFTC has undergone many changes in the hope of improving the trading environment and creating a level playing field CFTC is also responsible for publishing a report on traders positions (COT) every Tuesday 5 members of the Commission are appointed by the President, the Commission has a board of directors and institutional operating units constitute In addition to the headquarters located in Washington, the Commission has 3 offices - Chicago, Kansas City, and New York futures trading are also located in these cities so if you have a problem you can go there, get out the squirt gun and squirt them jokes dont do that - they are good people they will help you assuming there is no agency to protect you then there will soon be more scammers and brokers cheating their customers the CFTC ensures order in the market or the market will be a mess the mission of the CFTC is To protect market users and the public from scams, manipulation and malpractice related to the sale of commodities and financial futures options in the unregulated foreign exchange market, this regulatory body helps you identify whether a particular foreign exchange company is reliable and trustworthy The following is a link to the CFTC website: rebateforexfee) NFA is an industry-wide self-regulatory organization created in 1982 to regulate the U.S. futures market self-regulation means that NFA charges fees to maintain its own operations and does not rely on taxpayer moneyIf the CFTC is the big guy, then we usually call the NFA…… little big guyThe activities of the NFA are regulated by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the government agency responsible for regulating the U.S. futures industryThe NFAs mission is to: l ensure the integrity of the foreign exchange industry l protect market participants l force NFA members to fulfill their regulatory Duties Basically every individual or company that conducts business with the public in futures or options has to register with the CFTC or become an NFA member NFA performs the registration process on behalf of the CFTC NFA member institutions include: commodity trading advisors (CTAs), commodity fund managers (CPOs), futures brokers (FCMs), and futures intermediaries (IBs) To conduct business in the futures market, you must be NFA member To become a member of the NFA, an institution has to be vetted by the NFA and meet NFA standards and regulations These regulations ensure a complete and level playing field in the market, not just for investors Over time, they have improved greatly In order to resolve futures-related issues, the NFA has adopted arbitration since 1983 In 1991, the creation of a more dispute resolution In late 2001, the NFA began accepting online complaints, and in 2002, members began registering online. In 2004, the NFA submitted digital fingerprint images to the FBI for faster background checks and shorter registration times. This shows its keeping up with the times and who knows, they may have just come out with their own iPad application ha! Together with the CFTC, the NFA provides safeguards for investors and individuals to protect them from scam traps NFAs website is

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