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Foreign exchange investment should pay attention to the prevention of IT risks

  In order to effectively manage cashback forex ForexRapidRebate market rebateforexbrokers, banking financial institutions should strengthen the construction of foreign exchange trading rebateforexfees Forex Rapid Rebate risk management rebateforex systems through the construction of foreign exchange trading systems, improve the efficiency of foreign exchange transactions, improve the efficiency of data exchange between banks and financial institutions and customers, financial institutions and foreign exchange trading centers, and take applicable security measures Measures to guarantee the integrity, availability and confidentiality of foreign exchange trading systems and transaction information By constructing foreign exchange risk management information systems, collecting foreign exchange trading data, establishing risk analysis models and realizing statistical analysis of current balances of major currencies under spot assets, spot liabilities, forward buy and forward sell items to achieve effective management of foreign exchange trading market risks In summary, foreign exchange trading System and risk management information system is very important to improve the efficiency of foreign exchange transactions of banking financial institutions, improve market risk management ability and reduce the cost of foreign exchange transactions, but there is also a duality of information systems, with the increased reliance of banking financial institutions on computer information systems, information systems also bring certain risks to the process of foreign exchange transactions, mainly in the operational risk, that is, computer information In addition to operational risk, the failure of the information system and the failure of the information system may also bring legal risk and reputation risk to the financial institution. and direct definition indirect definition approach defines operational risk as all risks except credit risk and market risk JPMorgans definition of operational risk is a direct definition:Operational risk is a risk factor endogenous to each companys business and support activities, and this risk manifests itself in various forms of errors, interruptions or stoppages that may lead to financial losses or otherwise bring damage to the company New The development of technology, especially the development of information technology and its widespread use in handling banking operations, has brought potential risks to banking and financial institutions such as:In foreign exchange trading information systems, some banking institutions, with the help of e-commerce technology, use Internet/Intranet, information encryption technology and other information technology to provide customers with an invisible trading platform, breaking the Business boundaries, but also increased the risk of system operations Specifically, the formation of foreign exchange trading system operational risk mechanism includes the following aspects: 1, access control operational risk to the foreign exchange trading system and foreign exchange trading information access includes two types, one is the foreign exchange trading information processing equipment and foreign exchange trading information for physical access, in the physical access process deliberately to the information processing equipment or backup data tape Media damage, resulting in the interruption of the foreign exchange trading system or the inability to continuously provide transaction services, thus bringing financial losses Second, logical access to information processing equipment or transaction data, transaction functions, malicious tampering with data, damage the integrity of data, or falsify transaction records, modify transaction rights, thus bringing financial losses to banks and financial institutions 2, system operation and maintenance operation risk due to the system development and design process, the systems future transaction user volume, data volume growth is not enough to predict, resulting in the system in the operation process due to system data storage capacity, system network data exchange capacity, system processing capacity of the decline in the transaction bottleneck, and further affect the normal trading process of the system 3, personnel operation risk personnel operation risk involves foreign exchange trading personnel and system management personnel and other intentional or In addition, in the process of system deployment and operation, the system user rights cannot be reasonably divided, which also easily brings operational risks to the system, such as system developers In the production environment, modify or deploy applications, or system development environment, testing environment and production environment can not be implemented to effectively separate (b) prevent foreign exchange trading system and management information system operational risk countermeasures to ensure that the foreign exchange trading system for customers, banking-type financial institutions should provide safe, reliable, real-time foreign exchange transactions, to provide users with uninterrupted foreign exchange trading services, must strengthen the system operational risk Conduct management mainly from the following aspects of the implementation of effective prevention of operational risk 1, strengthen the organization, is to prevent the premise of information system operational risk prevention is the responsibility of management, management should develop an effective information system operational risk prevention strategy, establish an appropriate organizational structure, clear operational risk prevention responsibilities, to prevent information system operations to provide organizational safeguards with the help of external expert advice, or track the latest developments in the industry, to improve and enhance information system operational risk assurance strategies, measures and means to improve information system operational risk prevention capabilities to strengthen internal organizational communication and coordination, strengthen the organizations internal operational risk assessment, and strengthen risk prevention awareness and education for relevant personnel within the organization to enable the implementation of operating system risk prevention measures with the help of internal or external independent Audit department, the implementation of the operational risk strategy, the effectiveness of measures to audit 2, strengthen personnel management, reduce personnel to information processing equipment and information fraud, theft, fraud, improper operation of the risk brought about by a recruitment process management, background checks on key positions of employees, sign the relevant confidentiality agreement Similarly, the relevant temporary staff or contract staff also need to sign a security and confidentiality agreement Second Strengthen the training of personnel and user operation training for the transaction system to guarantee the correct use of the system by users 3. Strengthen access control management and restrict access by non-authorized users Strengthen access control management at the network layer, operating system layer, database system, and application system layer, and adopt corresponding security authentication system and technology according to the sensitivity of data to guarantee legitimate access to data by authorized users and restrict access by non-authorized users to Regularly evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of access security control measures.4. Strengthen system development and operation and maintenance management to ensure the integrity and correctness of inputs during system development, the correctness of data processing, and the inspection and proper authorization of output data. Best practices in risk management gradually improve operational risk prevention measures and enhance information system operational risk management capabilities