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Foreign exchange investment financial channels explained

rebateforexfee Forex Rapid Rebate rebateforexbroker, refers to cashback forexvestors in order to obtain investment income ForexRapidRebate the exchange between different currencies behavior you if now want to give the hands of foreign exchange to find a good investment channel, if you want to know what are the current market foreign exchange investment tools? Do not know how to choose? Today I will give you a detailed explanation of the nine kinds of foreign exchange investment channel methods and foreign exchange investment methods prevalent foreign exchange generally have the following nine investment and financial channels: personal foreign exchange trading, personal foreign exchange options, foreign exchange savings deposits, foreign exchange treasure, structured deposits, foreign exchange options products, investment B shares, H shares and the purchase of foreign exchange policy these investment channels vary greatly in their methods of operation, and therefore have different The income character rebateforextics, investment risks and suitable for the investment crowd please look at the cautious investment    investment channels a: personal foreign exchange trading  investment personal foreign exchange trading need to have some basic knowledge of foreign exchange and the world economic trends have judgment, otherwise the investment will be a mistake of course, the currency market is a rational The market is also a completely open market, there is no information asymmetry, there is no behind-the-scenes operation problem, the risk is relatively small stock market, of course, the return is proportional to the  investment channel two: personal foreign exchange options  personal options foreign exchange trading is actually a kind of power trading, the power of the buyer has the right to a certain period of time in the future according to the power of the seller The buyer of the power has the right to buy or sell the agreed amount of foreign currency to the seller of the power (such as banks) at an agreed exchange rate, while the buyer of the power also has the right to suspend the above-mentioned purchase and sale contract options are divided into two kinds of buying and selling rights, if the right choice, options can get both the interest on the deposit, but also by virtue of the principal and interest on this deposit to invest in the foreign exchange market, so as to obtain interest rates, exchange rates double harvest Of course, the risk of individual foreign exchange options than the risk of foreign exchange real trading The risk of individual foreign exchange options is greater than the risk of live foreign exchange trading, and the current entry threshold is relatively high  Investment channel three: foreign exchange savings deposits  Foreign exchange savings deposits because of its low risk, stable returns, has been the main channel of foreign exchange investment and finance despite the level of interest rates have been falling again and again, but on the whole, foreign exchange savings deposits earnings relative to the volatile stock market or currency market, is still The least risky investment varieties  investment channel four: foreign exchange treasure  foreign exchange treasure is the earliest investors are familiar with a foreign exchange investment method foreign exchange treasure operation skills required high, it is the use of the exchange rate changes between the currencies, a currency to buy low and sell high so as to profit this is all foreign exchange investment methods in the largest potential earnings category, but at the same time With a very high risk, can profit depends entirely on the investors judgment of the direction of exchange rate fluctuations Therefore, investment in foreign exchange treasure requires a certain amount of financial knowledge, to understand international political and economic events, but also need a good psychological quality and judgment, and to have plenty of time to often track the international foreign exchange market, therefore, more difficult  investment channels five: foreign exchange margin  nbsp; The unique principal amplification mechanism can bring investors considerable profits, at the same time, its risk will also be the same proportion of amplification At present, the domestic Bank of China and the Bank of Communications has been released foreign exchange margin trading in the international market, foreign exchange margin trading is a high-risk investment approach, and not suitable for all ordinary investors such as investors operate improper judgment errors, there will be a loss of all investment The possibility of operating margin forex trading, investors must first have a clear understanding of the risk of the product  investment channels six: foreign exchange financial products  foreign exchange financial products are more popular investment channels in recent years, the investment period ranging from a few months to a few years, usually the principal can be protected from the investment income point of view can also be divided into two categories The only condition is that the customer cannot terminate the investment early, and the bank may redeem the product on a regular basis Due to the rising interest rates of the U.S. dollar in the international market, the earnings of these products have also gone up, and the current one-year yield of the product is usually around 3.5%. The floating income type is more complex, and its expected return is usually higher, but the actual availability depends on many additional conditions These products can be linked to interest rates, exchange rates or gold prices, and can even be linked to several indicators at the same time and the same term of fixed income products compared to the expected return on these products is often one or two percentage points higher, but If the additional conditions are not met due to market changes, the final return of the product may be lower than the fixed income products, or even lower than the ordinary savings interest  investment channels seven: options products: more flexible  foreign exchange options products and risks are between the above two it is usually only 1 to 3 months of investment period The annual rate of return can reach more than 10%, but faces the risk of currency conversion at maturity, the principal is not guaranteed It has the benefit of a high fixed income in the short term, flexible capital operations, but also do not need to keep track of the market, which is similar to foreign exchange products; but if the linked exchange rate forecast error, when your money will be changed to another currency at a poorer price, which is similar to Foreign exchange treasure is more like therefore, unless the foreign exchange market has a certain understanding, but suffering from not too much free time investors, otherwise investment in foreign exchange options products or should be cautious   Investment channels eight: investment B shares, H shares  The current domestic B share market, compared with the A shares are undervalued, so there is a certain investment value As A, B shares eventually merged to decide on the free convertibility of the RMB, from all conditions this is not a better investment choice at present First of all, the B-share market risk of ups and downs is not worse than foreign exchange treasure, and stock varieties are far more than the foreign exchange available for investment, investors have to face the problem of stock selection; secondly, the B-share market capacity is small, poor liquidity, limited trading time; most importantly, the stock market is also faced with policy Risk, which is often unpredictable and great impact  Therefore, under the same risk conditions, investment in B shares is far less than the advantages of foreign exchange treasure more general domestic residents to invest in B shares, in addition to the requirement to have more extensive securities investment skills, but also need to pay close attention to the changes in the international financial markets the same, in the recent Hong Kong-Mainland Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement agreement, speculation H shares is estimated to be not too far away. Although compared to B shares, more investment value, but after all, has been involved in the international market, the risk is obviously also greater   Investment channels nine: purchase foreign exchange policy  A few days ago, the media reported that the mainland has 24 insurance companies are allowed to sell foreign exchange policy to domestic residents, but call the relevant insurance companies, were told that they do not know If the purchase of foreign exchange policy really becomes a fact, then the currency of choice of foreign exchange policy is quite critical, hard currency is obviously the first choice

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