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Foreign exchange experience classic summary

Preface:  The follow rebatef cashback forexexfeeg Forex Rapid Rebate a little bit of insight I summed up in the process of making foreign exchange, here to share with you in an easy-to-underst rebateforexbroker way, although the language is small, but I believe that the concentrate is the essence of what I have learned, I hope that through my efforts to make more friends through this ForexRapidRebate to earn more money, together to share the harvest of that sweat ten classic lessons - the culprit of a burst position  1: fantasy outbreak of riches, overconfidence heavy position in the market  2: no understanding of the market and the skills needed to master, do rebateforex understand not learn all by feeling to  3: astrological divination, predicting the market, according to their fantasy to do a single  4: dare to lose dare not win, the hands can not hold a single, earn a little fear of loss on the flat, lost on the dead carry in the end  5. Blindly follow the wind, there is no plan, chasing up and down, the result is often hanging ceiling and pressure floor under 6: always want to sell top buy bottom, entry is not decisive enough, the results miss the best time to enter 7: guess top touch bottom, do not set a stop loss (forum tips: with a single risk), add weight plus code, deep pit bottom 8: gambling odds, always want to small bo big, without analysis easily believe that the entry The above is my summary of the 10 bursts of the fundamental, in fact, some entries are still contrary to each other, especially the 6 and 7, but Sometimes the technology is a double-edged sword, which is more to give you a warning of the role of the heart, every day to make the exchange to see once, never violate before success   two: time   time period of choice is actually very skillful, often allows us to make the exchange to play the effect of half the effort   Asia is actually very advantageous for doing foreign exchange, we work during the day, we get off work at night After a very leisurely, because at 8:00 pm to 0:00 pm this period is the morning of the American plate and the afternoon of the European plate overlap period, so it is precisely this period is also the most violent fluctuations in the currency market a period of time, often the most damaging wave of trends are generated in this time, do a good job can get a rather lucrative part of the profits, while this period to do counter-trend single death rate is also the highest must pay attention to everything is all have The newcomers to the market may also be a disaster for the newcomers I recommend the Asian session during the day to enter the market, although it may work time to make foreign exchange is not very convenient, but the time generally fluctuate small risk, usually have the opportunity to escape   24 hours a day, the foreign exchange market is non-stop from time to time usually the market turning point or a regular pattern, generally afternoon 15:00, 9:00 in the evening, 4:00 in the morning, is usually the largest chance of a turnaround in a time period, (the reasons discussed later) we can also divide the 24 hours of the day into these bands to see the market only up or down, then or continue the trend of the previous period or reversal, usually in this time period before and after the 2 half-hour K-line chart will be reflected in advance 3:00 in the morning After if not the case of the oscillating market is usually the first half of the night unilateral market a retracement of the correction, the general target value for the most important of the previous pressure (resistance or support points) or Fibonacci 38.2% and 61.8% 2 positions, will continue until 7 ~ 8 oclock Beijing time, 9 oclock will generally produce a new round of trends, for unilateral is generally blocked back to the original trend probability A little more, until again overwhelmed the previous a high, low point   three: experience   trading iron law: always light position, not counter market guessing top touch bottom (obvious technical position after the reversal signal does not count), light position small amount, follow the trend, the long flow of water, gathering sand into a tower   do foreign exchange in fact and gambling is also some commonality, although you can analyze the forecast, but people can never predict The future, will not be 100% correct, sometimes it does require some luck component in it, so do a single loss we do not need to be discouraged For stop loss is divided into mechanical stop loss and technical stop loss 1, mechanical stop loss:   Suitable for beginners in foreign exchange and poor determination of friends, generally set in the resistance and support behind the level   Benefits nbsp; The advantage is that you can avoid unlimited huge losses and can not hold a single, the disadvantage is often beaten off by false breakthroughs   Treat this issue correctly, do not regret for just being stop loss on the stop reversal, in fact, the stop loss was beaten off is nothing, must believe in such a belief, lack of arms and legs but can save life this value, save life is the first The  2, technical stop-loss:    The advantage is that you can avoid being hit off the stop-loss by a false breakthrough and miss the real market, technical stop-loss is generally based on a K-line closed or a technical level was effectively broken to stand, which often requires experience    The disadvantage is that it requires a certain amount of trading experience. And sometimes be swayed by their own psychology, often with a fluke mentality, I still have this problem  From the trend of the trend is divided into unilateral city and oscillating city, oscillating city is usually generated by the market without clear guidelines, the guidelines are usually the stock market, fundamental data, price points in one or more, in advance according to the days guidelines in advance to determine the oscillating city generated The possibility that the oscillator will be limited to a range of fluctuations, this range is usually the nearest pressure and support points are relatively easy to estimate out and the unilateral market is usually peoples views on the market consensus into, from the intra-day trading point of view the most important or fundamental data generated the greatest impact, unilateral generation is generally to a key point just out of a data this point is effectively broken and continuous into So we do intraday trading is bound to focus on the data announced during the day, the weekly Monday must be the weeks data out of time to do a number of four: money management 100% sure never exist, so never heavy positions to lonely a throw of gambling, people can not predict the future, sustained profitability reasonable set positions is the key the following is Personal advice, if you are not even 60% to 70% certainty then, oh look officer you should continue to look at it, do not place a single first in addition to certainty is not prejudice, certainty is built on top of a certain experience, the newbies usually called fantasy rather than opinion, it is recommended to listen more to what the old birds say xx-xx front corresponds to the range of low funds, the back corresponds to the range of high funds amount The following amount of money corresponds to the next single situation, under more than one single discretionary position reduction 500-1500 U.S. dollars 60% to 70% or more to determine 0.05 to 0.1 hand light position, 85% or more to determine 0.2 to 0.3 medium position 1500 to 3000 U.S. dollars 60% to 70% or more to determine 0.2 to 0.3 hand light position, 85% or more to determine 0.3 to 0.5 medium position 3000 ~ 5000 U.S. dollars 60% ~ 70% or more to determine 0.3 ~ 0.5 hand light position, 85% or more to determine 0.5 ~ 1 standard medium position 5000 ~ 10000 U.S. dollars 60% ~ 70% or more to determine 0.5 ~ 1 standard hand light position, 85% or more to determine 1 ~ 2 standard hand   If you have 50,000 to 100,000 U.S. dollars that you look to play, if the next 0.1 you can close your eyes under how to make money under ~ this is the charm of the medium and long term ~ The beginning of the market we are with a successful heart to come, but this market is ruthless, in front of it there is no human kindness to speak of, here only to be able to give in with it, any want and it against the idea will eventually be bound to end in failure The do foreign exchange is a relentless and challenging work we should be aware of, to become a stable profitable iron discipline and continuous learning is essential, which is our growth process must go through a process which sometimes does require a little bit of luck, but we should see that luck alone is not possible, we only have to constantly pay to Efforts, failure, please do not be discouraged, so that we do not become a failure of the party which part

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