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Foreign exchange buy MACD and RSI simple use

rebateforex Forex Rapid Rebate rebateforexfee cashback forexdicators, here rebateforexbroker a brief introduction to their combined use, I hope to inspire thought, the role of the brick to draw jade because in many technical indicators, the moving average of this indicator is the most objective, not easy to be manipulated according to the characteristics of the moving average, in a sustained upward trend, fast (short-term) moving average and slow (long-term) moving average between the distance between the two will be more and more far, the deviation between the two more and more, but as the trend tends to slow, the distance between the two will also be reduced, or even cross each other, issued a sell signal Similarly, in a sustained downtrend, the fast line under the slow line, the distance between each other more and more far, if the downtrend slowed down, the distance between the two will also be reduced, and finally cross the buy signal The use of moving averages (MACD) to determine the timing of buying and selling, when the trend is obvious, the results are very effective, but if the bullish consolidation, often because the signal issued too often and inaccurate use of moving averages can help investors grasp some of the short and medium-term ForexRapidRebate, but not from this indicator to see the current market is in a long-term uptrend or long-term downtrend, or long-term consolidation of this aspect of the judgment also depends on Other technical indicators, so the use of MACD in a strong market to measure the market function of long and short, in a weak market to use the MACD to measure the market function of long and short short will become an important principle in the foreign exchange market and MACD with the RSI indicator can just make up for the weakness of the moving average, RSI as the trend of the general market research and judgment have considerable significance relative strength indicator (RSI) the point is that by the The RSI indicator includes two lines, fast and slow, usually in the fast line up through the slow line for the time to buy; vice versa for the time to sell, especially when the RSI is in the low 30 below the buy signal and the high 70 above the sell signal is extremely reliable MACD and RSI There are many ways to use the combination of MACD and RSI, the more common is to choose the strong and weak areas of RSI combined with MACD to make buying and selling decisions, for example, when RSI is greater than 60, if MACD has a buy signal, you can boldly enter; on the contrary, in RSI is less than 40, MACD for the sell signal decisively leave the field similar laws are some, for example, when the RSI value is below 20 and There is a gradual upward trend, while the volume has been after several days of extreme contraction, at this time, if the MACD appears to cross upward, the following days is the time to buy if the RSI value has been above 80, the exchange rate has not broken the 10-day moving average can still continue to hold the currency; conversely, the exchange rate fell below the 10-day moving average should immediately sell the currency in hand using this combination of indicators, we are not difficult to find Many of the recent strong currency basically meet these conditions, especially in the general market after a deep adjustment, RSI and other strong and weak indicators are in the weak downtown, when the rebound appears, many currencies appear a strong combination of buy signals, investors can reasonably use this method, you can certainly be in this local market gains

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