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Foreign exchange basic strategies and techniques

Individual cashback forex strategies ForexRapidRebate different, but some are basic, such as the following summary of strategies, Forex Rapid Rebate engaged in foreign exchange investment work for many years of experience rebateforexfee lessons learned, for a variety of investors, are quite valuable reference below for you to introduce foreign exchange basic strategies and techniques A, to free money investment If the investor to family life necessary expenses to invest, in case of loss, it will be directly affect the livelihood of the family, the chances of failure in the investment rebateforexbroker will increase, because the use of a sum of money should rebateforex be used to invest to generate money, psychologically already at a disadvantage, so it is difficult to maintain an objective and calm attitude when making decisions can afford to do as much as possible Second, know yourself and your opponent need to understand your own personality, easy to impulsive or emotional tendencies of serious people are not suitable for this market, most successful investors Most successful investors can control their emotions and have strict discipline to effectively discipline themselves We are human beings not gods, mistakes are always inevitable Third, do not overtrade To become a successful investor, one of the principles is to keep more than 3 times the capital at all times to cope with price fluctuations If you do not have sufficient funds, you should reduce the purchase and sale contracts held in your hand, otherwise, you may be forced to "cut" due to insufficient funds If you do not have enough money, you should reduce the number of contracts you hold, otherwise you may be forced to "cut off" the position to free up funds, even if the vision later proved to be accurate, it does not help. A successful investor is able to separate his emotions and trading The market is always right, the wrong is always themselves V. Do not rashly change your mind Pre-determined price and plan to enter the market that day, do not change the decision easily because of the immediate impact of price increases and decreases, based on the days price changes and market news and temporary decisions are very dangerous Iron army must have iron discipline VI. Buying and selling Day after day of trading will make your judgment gradually dulled a successful investment plus said: Whenever I feel the mental state and judgment efficiency is low to 90%, I began to make no money, and when my state is lower than 90%, it will begin to lose money, so I will put down everything and go on vacation for a few weeks a short break can make you re-acquaintance with the market, re-acquaintance with yourself, and more help you see the future direction of investment when too close to When you are too close to the forest, you cant even see the trees in front of you. 7. Dont be blind Successful investors dont blindly follow what others say when everyone thinks they should buy, they will wait for the opportunity to sell. When you have grasped the direction of the market and have a basic decision, dont change your decision easily because of the influence of others. Sometimes the opinion of others may seem reasonable, thus prompting you to change your mind, but only afterwards you find that your own decision is the most correct. Nine, the uncertainty of the market does not enter not every day need to enter the time, newcomers are often eager to enter the market to buy and sell, but successful investors will wait for the opportunity, when they enter the market after feeling confused will also leave the market first If the trading process is your greatest joy, please trade every day Ten, when the opportunity to make a decision Investment in the foreign exchange market, leading to failure of many psychological factors, a rather common situation is the investor In the face of losses, but also know that they can not take a chance, but often because of indecision, failure to make a decision, and therefore the deeper the words, the more losses increase Not afraid of mistakes, most afraid of delay Eleven, forget the past price "past price" is also a very difficult to overcome the psychological barrier many investors are affected by the past price, resulting in Generally speaking, after seeing the high price, when the market falls back, the new low price will feel quite uncomfortable; at that time, even though various analyses show that the market will fall again, the market investment climate is very bad, but investors in these new low price level before, not only will not sell their holdings, but also feel very "low "and have the impulse to buy, the result of buying will be firmly trapped Therefore, investors should "forget the past price" Remember the "history", means the betrayal of the market XII, patience is also an investment investment market has A maxim that "patience is an investment" which I believe that few investors can do to engage in investment work, must develop good patience, which is often a key to success or failure of many investors, not their analytical ability is low, nor their lack of investment experience, but the lack of a patience, premature buying or selling For example, in a year, the dollar has been rising, so always hold the dollar is not a kind of investment?  The early bird does not necessarily have the worm to eat Thirteen, set down the stop-loss position This is an extremely important investment skills due to the investment market risk is quite high, in order to avoid losses in case of investment mistakes, so every time you enter the market trading, we should set down the stop-loss plate, that is, when the exchange rate falls to a predetermined price level, may also fall, the immediate transaction is closed, so this counting order is to limit the loss of orders, so that We will be able to limit the further expansion of losses only in this way, in order to ensure that their interests are maximized and losses minimized in the world there is no omnipotent theory, there is no omnipotent technical analysis methods, more omnipotent analysts, any brilliant theory, sophisticated methods, superior analysts are wrong at times, only the stop-loss disk can save you from major losses stop-loss disk is always your faithful friend! Remember that!  The key is self-discipline. Many trading strategies and techniques people are familiar with, and even backwards, what with the trend, to set a stop loss, the opportunity to decide, etc. Why are there so many people losing money? Because many people are: to speak, can not do!  Imagine, the market is either up or down, the opportunity is half to half, ten times trading even if there are five losses, five times to earn it, if you can be determined, no weakness, five times each loss is a little loss on the "brave", I believe the comprehensive calculation of the loss is not difficult to earn more than less!

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