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Foreign exchange background knowledge - Easter

[the orig rebateforexbroker of Forex Rapid Rebate] in Europe rebateforexfee the United States, Easter rebateforex second only to Christmas, a major cashback forex according to the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus Christ died on the cross three days after the resurrection, so the establishment of this festival according to the tradition of the Western Church, in the vernal equinox (March 21) on the day to see the full moon or After the vernal equinox to see the first full moon, encountered the first Sunday that is Easter Eastern Church, if the full moon happens to appear on this first Sunday, Easter will be postponed for another week Therefore, the holiday is roughly between March 22 and April 25 [Easter foreign exchange response] 1 before the holiday to log on to the official website of the broker to understand the brokers arrangements for the holiday, overnight interest and market opening hours, etc. 2 pay attention to the holiday effect [Easter customs] about the death of Jesus Christ, according to Christian doctrine, is to atone for the sins of the world Therefore, in Christianity, Easter has an important significance But, as with Christmas, with the progress of society, Easter is becoming less and less religious, as a folk holiday features, is more and more obvious In fact, the activities during Easter, in addition to For example, in England, an Easter costume parade is held every year, during which there is a national style bagpipe band, children dressed up as the Queen Victoria Palace Guard, etc. In New York, the United States, an Easter fashion parade is held in Greece, where a symbolic funeral of Jesus is held. The custom of ForexRapidRebate is a symbol of new life in ancient Scandinavia when celebrating the Spring Sun Festival, the eggs dyed red, meaning the sun, praying for a happy life Easter eggs that came from this, every year, the day after Easter, the President of the United States to invite guests to bring their children to the White House to hold a game of egg rolling also said that the egg symbolizes many children and grandchildren, and later, it was used as the resurrection of Jesus tomb In addition, the hares ability to reproduce was considered a symbol of fertility and prolificacy by the ancient Egyptians, and was also widely used by Europeans in Easter celebrations The custom of searching for Easter eggs, according to folklore, was started by a German duchess It is said that the colorful eggs were left by the Easter Bunny for the children of the countryside Children use egg hunting as a game The most elaborate Easter eggs A Russian jeweler named Karl Faberich used to make colored eggs out of gold, silver and jewels and open them to reveal tiny people, animals, plants and houses that Russian emperors gave as gifts The Easter Bunny is a very old Easter symbol in modern terms The hare is a large relative of the rabbit and it is a sacred object dedicated to the goddess Eustace The custom of wearing new clothes at Easter is The custom of wearing new clothes at Easter began around 300 A.D., around the time of the first Christian emperor Constantine, who decreed that all courtiers should wear their best clothes on Easter. The city almost comes out to enjoy the joy of the festival in the park or in the field.

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