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Eight tips to take you easily play the foreign exchange market

speculation when rebateforex tend to look for some complex methods, that the more difficult, the more authoritative rebateforexbroker challeng ForexRapidRebateg, and for the simple small methods and tricks, often d Forex Rapid Rebatedain shall rebateforexfee know, the more complex but the more likely to go wrong and the foreign exchange cashback forex to make a lot of money, it is this follow the simple laws of the small part of the people what are the simple practical tips? The following is one by one for you to reveal!  Technique one: earn a little on the line you are not saying earn big money? How to earn a little on it! Dont worry, slowly look down to speculate in foreign exchange has the know-how to seize the most important high and low foreign exchange market is also said to be short and fast, each win 1-2%, calculated monthly, how much is a year? Earn more or less do not be greedy, the usual treatment to be objective Skill two: can hide on the dodge the currency market sometimes clear skies, sometimes rainy days the rainy days of the currency market is generally the first week of the month from Wednesday to Friday, when Europe and the United States announced important economic data, the market is in a period of receiving information on the variability of this time do not blindly enter the market, or lose a wife and a soldier, there is no place to cry Skill three. Enjoy time trading not only strategy, time can win everything time can make people tired, can make people irrational but time can also let people relax, let people enjoy the weekend must let themselves completely relaxed, fully recover your trading will not make low-level mistakes because of the physical condition Skill four: accept the fact that 100% of people are speculating in foreign exchange in order to make money, but less than 1% of people can By speculating in foreign exchange has been making money must first accept this fact, in order to use the right mindset to face the dangerous game you are now playing skill five: learn to open a position to open a position who will, build a good is not easy 1, a good grasp of the big trend, the big trend to turn the iconic price is your stop-loss reference point, and this point and the current price difference, is not related 2, the short term trend to grasp a good, short term pullback, is then The opportunity to open a position, rather than the timing of the backhand operation Skill six: see through the trend down too deep is not a reason to do more, up too high is not and put short the precursor to the trend is the master of everything if sometimes because $10 can not resist closing the position, but the loss to 200 are not spared out when it is because you are in the bold pursuit of losses, not profits believe in themselves to see through the trend  Skill seven: less do a single do too many single, even if you catch the trend, but also did not gain much profit a look at a single earn, feel immediately to reverse, so immediately do a hand in the opposite direction this is the fear of profit, back and forth toss, and ultimately failed to lock profits Skill eight: no skill speculation of the biggest skill is no skill, read the newspaper every day to see the data, read financial, through long-term knowledge Accumulation, only to have a unique operating acumen of the foreign exchange market, intuition from the accumulation of these tiny experience, these tiny experience is the greatest skill of success

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