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Eight tips to speculate in foreign exchange

do forex trad rebateforexfeeg before judging the ForexRapidRebate Forex Rapid Rebate very important, in forex trading investors should have a good mindset and skills to be able to make stable profits in the foreign exchange market, the author summarized the following eight tips hope to help you first, the trend is a friend and an enemy because the trend has stability, easy to make us relaxed vigilance, so always keep in mind that the longer the trend runs, the closer the trend is Second, cashback forex you hear the rebateforexbroker buy (sell), the news is confirmed when selling (buy) do rebateforex go after the news of the true or false, but should follow the news triggered by the direction of the fluctuations decisive operation, good news buy, bad news throw once the news is clear, regardless of whether it is true news or false news, all reverse operation, profit closing never because the confirmation is true news and can not be closed, because the news Be confirmed when the market reversal is the occasion of the third, buy up not buy down, sell down not sell up Rao Xi analysis said, in the trend up, the possibility of error only once, is to buy exactly in the highest price in the trend down, only buy in the lowest point is correct, but may be your funds have been used up in the previous operation fourth, the pyramid code currency exchange rate rise, should follow each time the number of code less than the last principle, because the higher the price, the greater the possibility of approaching the top of the rise, the greater the danger Fifth, do not lose money when adding code in buying or selling a currency, when the market suddenly reverses the direction of the rush, some people will add code to do again, which is very dangerous if the exchange rate always does not turn back, then the result is undoubtedly a vicious loss Sixth, in the plate bureau breakthrough when opening positions if the plate bureau belongs to the long-term bull, breakthrough plate bureau when the position established Seventh, do not blindly pursue integer points could have closed the money, but due to the original goal, in the waiting missed the best price, sitting lost opportunity Eighth, do not participate in the uncertain market activities when you feel that the trend of the currency market is not clear enough, and their lack of confidence, to not enter the transaction is appropriate, otherwise it is easy to make a wrong judgment

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