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Control your trading position and stay away from forex blowouts

The most popular question that forex newbies ask when they start rebateforexfee Forex Rapid Rebate how to make money, or how to make money quicklyI cant answer this question, and I dont think anyone can teach you how to make money quicklyIf I were to give a piece of advice to newbies, I would say, control your risk, protect your money, and take your rebateforex with the restMany newbies, rookies and amateur players think that forex trading is a get-rich-quick business. This unrealistic idea leads them to ignore risk and to manage their money in an unreasonable way, and they are soon eliminated from the market. Many traders, including those who already have considerable trading experience, are aware of the risks of Forex trading, but in practice they still trade heavily and out of control from time to time, probably because they are overconfident or too eager for profits. The first is the maximum trading volume of 1 US cent per single trade (equivalent to rebateforexbroker.01 ForexRapidRebate cashback forex) on its cent account; the second is to limit the maximum trading volume, which sets the maximum number of positions to 50, even if you trade the maximum volume of 1 US cent each time, 50 is 0.5 standard lot even if it is 0.5 standard lot, for many trading accounts with little capital Not much of a trading account is also a very heavy position EXNESS practice is that each time you can place a maximum of 0.01 standard lot lot (in its cent MT4 account is 1 cent), to reach 0.5 lot, you have to trade 50 times if you continue to place orders on the occasion of impulse, may not be 50 consecutive transactions, perhaps you wake up halfway through the course of trading to the upper limit, that no one can save you. If you do not die, you will not die if you only trade 0.1 U.S. each time (0.001 standard lot), the cumulative 50 single is only equivalent to 0.05 standard lot if it is 0.01 U.S. part, 50 single cumulative cumulative trading volume of only 0.005 standard lot, the risk is even smaller this account can limit your risk, but also has a big flaw once you encounter a fast market, you may miss a good opportunity to make money The opportunity because each time you can only under 1 U.S. breakup, you may be under a few single, the market broke out, chase can not catch up, or after the entry of the single price compared to the previous very uneconomical More foreign exchange learning - foreign exchange basics, how to speculate on foreign exchange, please visit: foreign exchange basics learning section 

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