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Th rebateforexfee post cashback forex last edited by shuan rebateforex 2015-10-1901:01 Second, even if we use the most perfect tool (just suppose, rebateforexbroker fact, such a tool does ForexRapidRebate exist), when trading, will be subject to our own interference (greed Forex Rapid Rebate fear) Many investors believe that this interference belongs to the mindset (psychological) problem, and think that correcting a bad mindset can develop a good mindset. However, we see many examples of failures that are attributed to a good mindset. In "Mindful Trading", there is no such thing as "mindfulness". "Mindful Trading" believes that both good and bad mindsets are a continuation of the minds memory, and there is no essential difference. Trading! When trading, one must empty oneself of all preconceptions and prejudices and so-called historical experience, and become open, fluid and pure consciousness that does not arbitrarily interpret market information subjectively, but reflects it in the present moment. The film "The Battle of the Bulge" tells the story of the Soviet sniper Vasily, who killed a German major sniper Vasily was highly skilled, hitting 100 shots on stationary or slow-moving German targets, which scared the Germans The Germans sent a major sniper to deal with him, whose marksmanship was even better than Vasilys, and he was able to hit fast-moving targets, also The Soviets sent to help Vasilys sniper school principal was also killed by him, Vasily trembled for it, but Vasily, because of his calm and collected character, repeatedly asked himself "I am quiet like a stone" in the confrontation between the two sides, finally made the German sniper sulked and rashly attacked, and was shot dead by Vasily! In the short market, Yifu double B super fall sword method users must be "quiet like a stone", calmly observe the movement of the image, not rashly, never moved by the illusion of a long disk down, most investors can not afford a long disk down out of the time, it is also time for us to sword! Never let go of a favorable opportunity, but in favor of the time to strike quickly the famous investment guru Warren Buffett said: my investment behavior, no more than the ability of ordinary people range a game, with Buffett in the golf buddies decided to play a bet with him they think Buffett in three days of outdoor sports, a hole-in-one score of zero if he lost, only need to pay $10; and if he won, will be able to get $20,000 everyone accepted the offer, but Mr. Buffett refused saying, "If you dont learn to discipline yourself in the small things, you wont be bound by your heart in the big things" Buffett uses a financial analysis that is stripped of Grahams system of forex analysis of prices being undervalued at existing values, on Warren Buffetts financial analysis is based on Grahams system of foreign exchange analysis, which introduces the principle of growth on the basis of Grahams. Graham dodged the financial disaster of the 1930s in the United States, and Buffett collected the original gold mine of capital at the bottom of the U.S. stock market with impunity. He avoided the "electronic fad" of the 1960s, the "bio-concept" and "junk bonds" of the 1980s, and the "dot-com farce" of the recent past. The key behind Mr. Buffetts success lies in the special quality of mind he has His strong self-control ability, derived from the power of belief Beauty is like jade, compelling the hearts of everyone knows that most of the good is the trap of shipping Only people with strong self-control can be clear-eyed, insight into the sinister ruse, to turn the evil into good; hazy to produce beauty, the subject matter of chaos is easy to generate hype Only Only people with strong self-control can capture the fleeting opportunities, ten steps to kill a person, a thousand miles does not leave a line, the thing whisked away, hidden body and name Japan has two first-class swordsmen in recent times, one is Miyamoto Musashi, the other is Yanagi and Shouro back in the day, Yanagi to learn the art of Miyamoto, said to Miyamoto: "Master, according to my qualifications, how long to practice to become a first-class swordsman? " Miyamoto replied, "At least ten years!" Yanagi said, "Wow, ten years is too long, if I double my training, how long will it take to become a first-class swordsman?" Miyamoto replied, "It would take twenty years." Yanagi looked suspicious and asked, "What if I stay up at night and train hard day and night?" Miyamoto replied, "Then you will surely die and you will never become a first-class swordsman" Yanagi was very surprised: "Why?" Miyamoto replied, "The prerequisite to be a first-class swordsman is to always keep one eye on yourself and constantly reflect on yourself. Yangsheng listened, full of sweat, enlightened on the spot, and finally became a generation of famous swordsman stock road like the way of the sword, hoping to become a first-class swordsman, when all the energy focused on winning targets, stimulated by the market and temptation, emotions often fall and fall with the market, the mind will gradually lose tranquility and calm, and ultimately, instead of what you want to learn without thinking is not, when the daily three introspection of my body Sun Tzu said: know yourself and know the enemy, a hundred battles will not be dangerous, the first is Know yourself, to analyze their own specific circumstances and qualities, first clear their strengths and weaknesses, to build on their strengths and avoid shortcomings introspection is to always keep one eye on themselves, perspective on their own investment mindset, check their trend judgment is objective, whether the operating strategy is biased, summarize and reflect on their lessons learned, remind themselves not to forget the hidden dangers after the victory; when the investment failure, remind themselves to start from the big picture When the investment fails, remind yourself to look at the big picture and choose the right path to get out of the dilemma, control comes from introspection, introspection produces endurance thinking, ninja is invincible

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