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Clever use of KDJ obtuseness

   Forex Rapid Rebate indicator rebateforexbroker one of the most commonly used technical indicators among investors, it is responsive, has a very clear buy ForexRapidRebate sell signals, simple and easy to learn, loved by most investors But, it has a bad flaw: that is, KDJ indicator in the high and low obtuseness cashback forex due to the limitations of the calculation principle, in the stock price climbing or After a period of decline, the KDJ indicator on the stock price will become extremely sluggish, the stock price continues to rise again or fall a lot, the KDJ indicator may only move a little, which will give our buying and selling decisions to provide unrealistic reference indicators also makes the KDJ indicator is only suitable for use in the stock price box movement, once the stock becomes a dark horse or the general market completely bear, the KDJ indicator will prompt a premature This blunting phenomenon has become a bottleneck for the KDJ indicator to play its normal role, for a long time, many professionals have studied a variety of methods to solve the KDJ blunting common is the use of long-period KDJ indicators to eliminate the blunting phenomenon, such as the use of weekly KDJ indicators instead of daily KDJ indicators, but this does not completely eliminate the KDJ indicator blunting phenomenon, there are also the use of monthly KDJ indicators. KDJ indicator or quarterly KDJ indicator, although you can eliminate the bluntness of the KDJ indicator phenomenon, but the monthly KDJ or quarterly KDJ (also includes the weekly KDJ indicator) but there are false functions, there is a large lag in time, and, too long analysis period also damage the KDJ indicator is good at short-term analysis effect  In fact, it is not necessary to eliminate the KDJ bluntness phenomenon In fact, it is not necessary to take impractical methods to eliminate the bluntness of the KDJ to damage the original flexible and accurate function of the KDJ indicator In fact, as long as the clever application, the KDJ bluntness can be turned into a miracle as Sun Tzu said in the Art of War, to buy the enemys inner room to become our counter-room We can also turn the KDJ bluntness into a tool to find the bottom  specific application skills:    First, the KDJ indicator K rebateforex, D value, J value less than or equal to 20 at the same time, when there has been obtuse phenomenon, but only as a primary selection conditions  Second, the KDJ indicator of individual stocks must be 6 consecutive days or more than 6 days to reach the primary selection conditions, during which the K value, D value and J value is always less than 20  Third, the recent period of time, the volume is in a continuous shrinkage in the state  nbsp; four, the last three trading days, J value at least once through the K value and D value at the same time  five, J value first through 20, buy 

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