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Cherish every bullet and minimize unnecessary transactions.

When the market Forex Rapid Rebate ForexRapidRebate disorderly fluctuations or a small consolidation, I will receive many calls from friends of investors, consulting the current should buy or sell, I always say: there is no rebateforexfee value when the market is in a trend state rebateforexbroker the price is slightly back to fold, can also receive many calls asking whether the trend is over, my general answer is: the market will rebateforex end easily, should temporarily endure the adverse price fluctuations in exchange for greater Indeed, the urgent trading of the consolidation period and the trend state of the rush is a common behavior in the market, I summarized these transactions as: needless trading minimize needless trading, you are closer to success needless trading is the main cause of losses and bad mentality, but also an important reason for the development of bad trading habits needless trading is mainly manifested in the arbitrariness of the transaction, temporary impulsiveness, the It is essentially different from professional trading, so the possibility of loss will be much greater than professional trading. Professional trading also often results in losses, but professional trading has rules and regulations, and the magnitude of losses is generally controllable, professional trading is to minimize or avoid the arbitrariness of trading. Simply put, it is a transaction of no value, a transaction of disproportionate risk and profit, a transaction cashback forex wants to catch the opportunity, a transaction that does not let go of any opportunity, a transaction that does not assess how much profit the transaction may bring him and the corresponding risk, always with a fluke mentality, thinking that a few points can be earned, he only sees the profit and ignores the potential risks or at any time Thinking that a big opportunity is right in front of him, if he doesnt do it, he will miss the opportunity. It doesnt care whether the current fluctuation is in line with his trading habits, always driven by the profit trap to enlarge the tiny opportunity in his own mind into a huge opportunity. What is the value of trading? Simply put, it is a transaction that can afford to set its own stop-loss margin If the transaction is even sorry for its own stop-loss margin, then it is a transaction of no value The market is in a state of consolidation and oscillation or small fluctuations most of the time, that is, most of the time the market does not have good trading opportunities Unnecessary transactions are in this state in this state, any transaction is at most In this state, any transaction is at most a profit and loss margin, not to mention the weakness of human nature is destined to trade most of the time is to leave the market with a loss in the market in the case of no trading value many people because of unnecessary trading and account losses, which led to the destruction of the trading mentality, and make him in the real trading opportunities, because of the shadow of the previous period of trading losses and make him afraid to trade and because he The bad trading habits formed by unnecessary trading make him always unable to make real profits. But the fact is that investors who trade unnecessarily do not really understand what speculation is. Speculation is the opportunity to invest, there is no opportunity not to enter the field of trade, just like hunting, do not see the prey never shoot speculation success is to see the results of speculation, is to make traders happy through the results of profit, while pointless trading is to see any object are shooting, regardless of whether it is prey, it is more like playing a game game of pleasure from the game process and not necessarily the results of pointless trading is not essentially In the speculation, but in the capital to play the game, is a pure consumption of funds, this trading behavior and his goal of profit is contrary to the pointless trading at the same time is a kind of indulgence for themselves, is the transaction is extremely irresponsible behavior pointless trading allows investors to meet the addiction of trading into the field, lifting the feeling of not trading is very difficult, the process or into the field is happy, but the results are often not bad, as playing the game is bound to pay eventually So, why would many people do so? Does he not know the purpose of his transactions? I think the fundamental reason is: the strong desire to profit makes him frequent trading, so that he has to trade no matter what the circumstances, that is, the trap of profit makes him carry out unnecessary trading the biggest trap in the market is profit, is the expected profit makes people lose objectivity and reason, so that people ignore the existence of risk the key to the problem is: we often can not judge the trading opportunities indeed, the judgment of trading opportunities and the size of the market Assessment is not certain, but it is this inability to determine the inevitability of the existence of risk, that is to say, any one transaction risk is bound to exist, while the profit can not be determined which should cause investors to first concern about the risk, not the profit unnecessary trading is precisely more to see the profit and ignore the potential risk ethereal profits such as the invisible hand prompted many investors to blindly trade As long as you are aware of the uncertainty of profits and the inevitability of risk you can largely reduce unnecessary transactions, and this is also the inevitable basis for reducing unnecessary transactions is not the same as you usually do not trade, not that as long as the reduction of unnecessary transactions you will necessarily be able to seize valuable opportunities appropriate trading is an important means of maintaining contact with the market, the key is that each transaction you must be The key is that each transaction must be carefully considered, completely clear where to stop after entering the market, as well as whether the market currently has a good entry point, etc. Some quotes you can see, but it is difficult to really grasp, we can only do those who can see the market can also grasp, such a market is actually not much in a year, which is a fact that has been verified over the years to reduce unnecessary trading is equivalent to saving bullets, to cherish each bullet, so that it is used in the right place. Make it in the right place, and do not indulge in the joy of shooting

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