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Bruce Kovner

ForexRapidRebate Kovner (BruceKovner) rebateforex now one of the largest foreign exchange, futures speculators, he relies on the enemy to w rebateforexbroker a thous Forex Rapid Rebate miles away from the method is the incisive analysis of national economies, the scope of research is extremely wide, fine, dazzling, in the decade 1977-1987, Bruce Kovners investment funds increased in value by an average of 87% per year In 1992, he was ranked sixth in the list of the top ten highest-paid people on Wall Street published by Financial World magazine, earning $100 million a year. In mid-1970, after a year of in-depth research and investigation, Bruce Kaufner entered the rebateforexfee with $3,000 and made a profit of $1,000 on an arbitrage of soy cashback forexans and copper, starting his speculative career. There was a serious shortage of soybeans, and Bruce Kaufner analyzed the July soybean contract relative to the November contract, the spread between the two would get bigger and bigger, so he saw the opportunity to buy the July soybean contract and sell short the November soybean contract, the spread was 60 cents, stop loss was set at 45 cents, soon the spread expanded to 70 cents, Bruce Kaufner went along with the pyramid to increase the volume of the arbitrage single in April 1977 April 13, soybeans hit a new record high, the broker called excitedly said: Bruce, soybeans fly straight to the sky, it seems that today will be closed again with a stop July has almost stopped, November also followed suit, if you continue to retain the November short order is not foolish? It is better to close the November short single first, only hold July soybean single, after if soybeans and then stop a few days, the profit is not more substantial? Under the instigation of the broker, Bruce Kaufman will close all the November soybean short orders 10 minutes later, the broker tone crazy to Bruce Kaufman said: I do not know how to explain to you, but the soybean all down the board! Whats the best way? Fortunately, the market rebounded slightly afterwards, giving him the opportunity to close his position and leave the market, and his account equity fell from a peak of $45,000 to $22,000. He understood that when there is a dramatic change in the market that affects the emotional balance, and when the outlook is blurred, he should close his position and leave the market regardless of everything. In order to analyze the market more carefully, Bruce Koffner subscribed to a large number of investment analysis reports, such as wave master Patchett, Swift, Davis, etc. However, Bruce Koffner did not rely only on the analysis reports to trade, because in the market to make profits, personal confidence is more important, if you rely solely on the opinions of others to enter the market, it may be difficult to follow through. If you enter the market based on the opinions of others, it may be difficult to follow through, which is a big taboo in the futures market. If most experts share the same opinion, and the market does not cooperate, it will constitute a warning signal, because in this case, most people will make a wrong investment decision, that is, when most people are bullish, the market will go down. 1, to fantasize about what may happen in the future, in the mind, for the future situation, often conceived of different images, and then wait for the facts to prove which image will dream come true so that their own market trends to do a number of things, the ancient saying: everything in advance is established, not in advance is wasted 2, in the market under pressure, to remain rational and adhere to discipline, strong-willed, indomitable, and must be independent and at the same time be able to be flexible. And must be independent and at the same time be able to flexibly apply the opposite theory 3, must be brave enough to admit mistakes, accept the reality of frequent mistakes his teachers often remind him: error in judgment is not something to be ashamed of, according to past experience, I often think that the best investment opportunities on the trade miss, and then choose the second choice to attack, but also to no avail, and finally the third choice to fight with less confidence, the result is a great victory Bruce After countless market risks and honesty, the company has a unique skill in setting stop-losses. Before entering the market, it must first set a stop-loss to ensure that it can rest easy. After the painful experience of losing many trades, Michael Marcus, a famous master, taught him many speculative skills, and with the advantage of high perception and precise analysis of fundamental factors, within a short period of time, the investment fund under management rose to more than $6.5 billion, and became a master of the generation.

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