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Beware! These flaws are slowly destroying your trading

Ou rebateforex brai cashback forex rebateforexfee like a sponge, it absorbs everything we encounter Forex Rapid Rebate in general this is good, but for traders this can have some not so good points You have to learn to filter out unnecessary variables in your rebateforexbroker, if you let your "sponge If you let your "sponge" become too full, then your brain will be saturated, you will not be able to do anything else specifically, is when you encounter certain things in the field of trading, you need to consider c ForexRapidRebatefully, rather than accepting all the following we will talk about the trading may encounter those "traps" & nbsp nbsp;News and financial media are toxic / Many traders are accustomed to watching financial news or financial media publications, if the news is negative, then the trader will also become negative, then it will make your investment become negative on the contrary, if the news and news is positive, you will make your trading and investment decisions become positive even if the professional and experienced industry veterans are still But the problem with the mainstream media is that the information is usually not produced by professional traders or investors, it is just news content and lags behind the facts, which is probably why you have heard the original saying "buy the rumor, sell the news" trying to analyze the market through economic news events. Or "trading the news" really doesnt make sense The more you try to analyze how XYZ event affects the market, the more likely you are to lose money due to excessive or stupid trading News and really all changes in the market are reflected in the original price behavior chart and all attempts to do additional analysis of the news really dont make any sense It only distracts you This will only distract you and waste your time and energy screen watching creates freedom of trade / If you are looking at 1 minute or 5 minute trading charts every moment of every day, while zhe is looking at 20 different charts, then you are actually overtrading. When done, it can lead to addictive trading behavior, including unplanned/stimulating stupid trades that create a gamblers mentality If you sit there for hours just to "figure out" the next move on a 5-minute chart, hoping for an entry point, then you may soon show up at the hospital, seeking anxiety-reducing medication from your doctor Prescription Ban on Greed / There are a lot of traders who feel good about their trades, but eventually fall apart after a long period of accumulation and end up losing everything they worked for because of one or two improper trades, and end up losing everything because of greed Trading can easily reveal the greedy side of people Many people have this idea that " If I can make a profit on this trade, then Ill start managing my risk" but that opportunity never comes because once you put yourself in a risky mindset, you are more likely to lose and put yourself in a very dangerous emotional trading cycle The most important thing you should reject is the greed mentality You may run a good account for a long time, but you may lose everything because of You may run a good account for a long time, but you may be able to scrap all of your previous efforts because of a single bout of greed Follow multiple trading strategies that dont work/ For a beginning trader, many trading strategies, ideas and philosophies can have a big impact But many people have no way of telling the truth of these messages, but they tend to adopt, try and study Now, please take my advice and dont combine multiple trading approaches If you were working for yourself before, then why are you looking for another way? Please think carefully! If you have once again accepted a belief and wish to understand what you now believe is the correct way to trade, then clean up all previous indices, give up the obsession of compulsion and let your mind relearn

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