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Are the waves following 5 against 3

As the Forex Rapid Rebate rebateforexfee always up this prerequisite provision, it is also inevitable ForexRapidRebate the structure of the wave is along rebateforexbroker against cashback forex, that is, 5 push rebateforex, 3 adjustment waves 5 push waves means that the rise is the mainstream trend of the wave, the fall is only the adjustment of the rise, therefore, the fall is only 3 adjustment waves, as the name suggests, the adjustment is only a temporary adjustment of the rectification, did not change the mainstream uptrend, because the magnitude of the fall back Will not be lower than the initial push wave, generally only within the golden ratio of the push 5 waves, that is, in 0.328, 0.5, 0.618, 0.7 or so in the rising main wave after a little rest, the trend still returns to the rising mainstream In all financial markets, even the stock market, the wave of the cis-5 inverse 3 are bankrupt this theory of failure is reflected in two aspects: one is, because in these markets The first is that, because the trend in these markets is not always upward, and therefore, the wave pattern is no longer with 5 against 3, but after the completion of 5 waves up, it turns into 5 waves down, ending the original upward mainstream, and the downward trend of 5 waves, and often with the upward 5 waves symmetrical many times, the downward 5 waves also fell below the starting point of the upward 5 waves, destroying the mainstream uptrend. Adjustment of the downtrend, but also not adhere to the pattern of adjusting 3 waves, but often see the very standard down 5 waves of the split This shows that even the adjustment wave, but also does not adhere to the pattern of the inverse 3, and became the down 5 against 5 We often see the newspaper wave experts to split the wave, obviously is very simple and clear 5 wave split, wave experts in order to justify, very far-fetched hard to 5 waves into 3 waves. Their segmentation is to treat wave 1 as wave A, wave 2 as wave B, and wave 3 to wave 5 as wave C, which can be divided again, so that waves 3 to 4 are said to be the next level of a. b. c, which is an extension of wave C. The origin of wave theory is that the shape of the trend is like waves, which is a reflection of nature, and Atero only uses statistics to find out from the many trend phenomena that the fluctuations of the market trend The wave theory is often wave-shaped, according to these shapes, he just inducted the wave theory, if the shape of the trend is not like a wave, the wave theory is not convincing Similarly, the wave pattern of 5 waves is also the most common wave pattern, then, since we see a very standard 5 wave pattern of the trend, we should admit it is 5 waves, why should it be strong to say that it is 3 waves? The key question is, whether wave theory should conform to the laws of nature, or the laws of nature to conform to wave theory? Any theory that does not conform to the laws of nature, are the wrong theory, not in the market will perish, will be abandoned by the market wave theory from the beginning of the beginning of the red-hot to the current decline, is not proof that the market is abandoning the wave theory?  If you still cling to the dogma of wave theory, in the currency market or the bond market, you will certainly break your head.

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