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AR, BR indicators of general research and judgment standards

  Forex Rapid Rebate, rebateforexbroker indicators of general research rebateforexfee judgment standards are mainly around the AR, BR indicators of separate research and judgment and AR, BR indicators with the use of these aspects of a, AR indicators of separate research and judgment 1, AR cashback forex of 100 for the balance of the strong and weak buying and selling momentum, its value between the upper and lower 20 also means that when the AR value between 80120 2, the AR value is high when the market is active, popular, and too high means that the stock ForexRapidRebate has entered the high price area, should be ready to sell stocks in the actual trend, the height of the AR value no specific criteria, in general, AR value greater than 180 (some set to 150), indicating that the stock price may fall sharply at any time 3, AR value is low when the market is depressed, the market popularity decline, and too low means that the stock price may have fallen into the trough, may rebound at any time in general, AR value less than 40 (some set to 50), indicating that the stock price has been seriously oversold, can consider low intervention 4, as with most technical indicators, AR indicators also have a lead in the stock price to reach the peak and trough When the AR reaches the peak and turn back, if the stock price is still rising, you should consider selling the stock to take profits; if the AR reaches the trough and turn back up, and the stock price continues to fall, you should consider buying the stock at a low price  Second, the BR indicator of individual judgment 1, BR value of 100 also indicates that the strength of the willingness to buy and sell is in balance 2, the BR value of fluctuations than the AR Value sensitive when the BR value between 70150 (some set to 80180) fluctuations, belongs to the consolidation market, investors should mainly wait and see 3, when the BR value is greater than 300 (some set to 400), said the stock price into the high price area, may be at any time back down, should choose the opportunity to throw 4, when the BR value is less than 30 (some set to 40), said the stock price has been seriously oversold, may The AR and BR indicators are used in conjunction with each other  1, in general, the AR can be used alone, while the BR needs to be used in conjunction with the AR in order to play the function of the BR  2, the AR and BR climb upward from the low level at the same time, indicating that the popularity of the market began to accumulate, the long force began to dominate, The stock price will continue to rise, investors can timely buy or hold chips to rise  3, when the AR and BR from the bottom up after a period of time, reached a certain high and stagnant not up or began to turn around, meaning that the stock price has reached a high level, the holder should pay attention to timely profit taking  4, BR from the high back down, down by 1/2, if the AR no warning The signal appears, indicating that the stock price is rising on the way to the normal retracement of finishing, investors can buy at low  5, when the BR rapid rise, while the AR is consolidation or a small return, should be shipped at high Previous stock market technical analysis, are based on the AR and BR indicators, the introduction of CR indicators together with the study and judgment, can improve the accuracy of analysis, prediction of the market, but now most technical analysis But nowadays most technical analysis software use CR as a separate indicator, so here we will not introduce the AR, BR and CR three simultaneous research and judgment

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