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About risk management

  Eve ForexRapidRebatey successful foreign exchange trader knows how much risk they cashback forex willing to take, how much risk they can take, rebateforexfee how much return each trade should have These concepts are the most basic in foreign exchange margin trading So before you place an Forex Rapid Rebate, be sure to first figure out the three most basic questions: how much the rebateforexbroker will move, and where I should take profits to close? You can use a LimitOrder to set the rebateforex at which you want to close your position to take profit If you are short selling a currency, our online trading system only allows you to set a limit order at a price lower than the market price, so this spread is your profit margin On the contrary, if you are buying a currency, our online trading system will allow you to set a limit order at a price higher than the market price Limit orders can help You can trade in a principled manner, and you dont have to stay in front of the computer all the time to watch the market price change How much am I willing to lose and where should I get out? If you are short selling a currency, our online trading system will only allow you to place a stop loss order at a price higher than the market price. Most people have a complex complex about stop orders because no one wants to close with a stop order, yet sometimes you appreciate them, especially when you find that your logic has controlled your greed. There is a rule of thumb that you should place a stop-loss order than a limit order and close to the opening price if you follow this rule, even if your chances of being right are less than 50 percent, there is still a chance to make a profit For example, an investor will place a stop-loss order of 30 points and a limit order of 100 points every time he places a single order, then all his transactions as long as a third of the right, on the whole, can be profitable, as to what kind of The price under the limit single or stop-loss single depends entirely on your tolerance for risk stop-loss single should not be under too close, or the market changes back and forth is easy to deal with your stop-loss single the same, under the limit single when you have to measure the true state of the market, and you want to keep the open position for how long

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