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A letter to a female trader! (Serial II)

You say you have recently changed your m ForexRapidRebated, seems to have calmed down a lot th Forex Rapid Rebate is certainly a good thing, but rebateforexfee still want to throw a pot of cold water I want to tell you a story Su Dongpo once served in Guazhou, he rebateforex the south bank of the Jinshan Temple presided over by Buddha Yin Zen master is a good friend, often talk about Zen theory one day, Su Dongpo conscious of the offerings to hold the gain, wrote a poem to Buddha Yin said I have been able to eight directions immobile Buddha Yin let the book boy Su Dongpo saw cashback forex he had been scolded, so he sailed a light boat to find Buddhas seal and saw a couplet hanging on the gate of Jinshan Temple just as the boat docked. Su Dongpo look ashamed of a great deal, the gray slipped back in fact is no one can eight winds do rebateforexbroker move when I was on the mountain once met a lot of high people, they ah also that said the mind like water that is blind fool ah a thought that is dead even the Buddha could not do, so the whole vajra sutra are talking about how to protect the mind, how to subdue its heart note ah, is good protection of the mind and not Why? This is a vicious cycle in itself, so if this is the case, do we need to pursue inner peace? Is there any way we can approach this state? This pursuit is very necessary, especially as a trader I do not want to discuss the reasons, because it is meaningless I want to tell you some methods first ah, must make their own inner strength a stone thrown in a basin of water and thrown in a sea, it is the same as the splash is the impact of some things on us is inevitable, whether it is profit or loss, their impact on our mindset is Certainly but if you are just a basin of water that small ripples on your impact is also very large if you are a sea? Not to mention a stone even a stone on your impact is minimal, so you must let yourself become the sea I think many peoples practice is problematic, their pursuit is not to let that stone splash, mind like water I think they are wrong the purpose of practice is to let that basin of water into the sea this is very important when I was on the mountain the master criticized me "You young people, too impetuous" I was not convinced "Master, if I have your kind of money, I can also be as stable as a mountain, even I have 10 million can calm down, I now have no money to run for a living, where can calm down" Master said "wrong, not you earn 10 million can calm down, but you only calm down to earn the 10 million", I had an epiphany Kun Gua said thick virtue, this sentence is very correct how much wealth a person can have depends on his virtue to carry you a little virtue is not really given to you 10 million is estimated that you will soon go wrong Just like a person with a weak spleen and stomach you give him a lot of abalone and sea cucumber, he will not only not be able to supplement the nutrition but also eat a whole lot of problems, he can not transport and transform the wave of gold bull market in 2010 I achieved good results, at that time is also dejected can not hundreds of people in a large company as investment director, managing dozens of traders at that time some people around has been made unlike the results, and soon The waterloo, not only no income, I also ate a lawsuit, was released on bail for two years, almost went to jail people really strong is from your inner strength, not how much wealth you have many people to see this thing backwards if you are not strong enough inside these wealth will become your burden, like many people account in the profit when the pressure is greater, like you last short pounds in fact, because your I was not strong enough to carry my heart after that accident has been haunted later think about it, if I really had the wealth at that time, may have been dead I guess I will change my wife, because I am a lover of beautiful women perhaps I have no friends around me, because at that time I was dejected, every day, a piece of the virtue of whoever I am, only think they are the most powerful, do not care about the feelings of others The reason why I suddenly broke the contract is not willing to give you, because heaven has a good virtue, afraid to give you, will kill you" some people Some people are too weak to suddenly come to a fortune, most of these people are not good end of someone statistics lottery jackpot people, those people are almost no good end a little far but I still want to tell you must be strong you inside this is the basis of trading, some people have a good trading system results but defeat a mess why, if there is no strong inside then a good trading system you are unable to harness The faster the sword the easier it is to kill yourself real peace comes from your inner strength so I want to throw you this pot of cold water your current peace is only because you read a few pieces of chicken soup I wrote for you unfortunately chicken soup is not exactly the same as learning success science people almost no success only after the inner strength of the peace is the real peace I feel that in this regard you have a long way to go of course not only You, and I you are strong inside, calm enough you can look at everything in the world with peace of mind, you can make the most objective and most factual decisions to earn that 10 million, he is just a natural result, profit is just a by-product whenever and wherever, do not forget the words of the fourth: to see through the last to you about a very important thing, the real powerful is the inner powerful inner enough Powerful, "heart and soul" how far can be collected back now many peoples "heart and soul" is not collected back why? The desire is too heavy, the "mind" is led by the desire to run, just like you want to hit someone but no root under the feet, the fist is too hard, the result will be their own flash down so external boxing must learn to crouch horse stance, internal boxing must learn to stand pile so to strengthen your heart, so that everything can take root here In addition, learn to see through some The thing is also very important to see the most thorough may be the Buddha, of course, Confucianism also have to see through Confucius said sixty know the fate of heaven, seventy follow the heart does not exceed the rules so-called know the fate of heaven is to see through ah see through in order to be free otherwise even if your heart how strong, on some things always see not broken finally or will be bruised as a trader, you should first see through the profit and loss they are both originally false things But many people are turned upside down because of them when you float your mind starts to change, on the one hand you want to earn more, on the other hand you are afraid to lose when you float a loss is also the case, you want to get out to end the loss, but also want to hold waiting to unsettle the last? Is the loss is also suffering, earn also suffering what is the purpose of your trading? Isnt it to make your life better? But in the end, what? Regardless of the profit and loss brought you endless pain then why do you have to do trading? Yin and Yang is one, profit and loss is not two stand in the perspective of the Tao to see profit and loss is really understand, of course, if you have a higher realm, standing in the "Wuji" perspective of profit and loss, that is the great success of course, these are metaphysical, you will understand the profit and loss is originally contradictory, so many people are used to opposing thinking to see the two Chinese medicine speaks of yin and yang, yin and yang are opposites, but are mutually rooted and useful, can be transformed into each other, so every loss contains a profit, every profit is also buried in the seeds of loss, just like the fish eye in the yin and yang fish, this is what "Laozi" said "the opposite, the movement of the road" means Chinese medicine speaks of good treatment of yin must seek in the yang I think you need to read Zhou Dunyis taiji diagram, and if possible, Wang Zongyues taijiquan theory forex academy tips: the rest of the article needs to open a membership to continue reading Oh! 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