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Why You Should Avoid Mark Freeman As a Forex Trader

If you are thinking about joining a forex trading club, you may have heard of Freedom Traders Club. The founder, Mark Freeman, was one of the men behind it. Freeman used his own cryptocurrency called Ploutos Coin to invest. He subsequently failed to return P1.7 million of his investors money, prompting the Securities and Exchange Commission to issue a public advisory. Here are some of the reasons you should avoid joining his club.

Bitcoin is a popular form of digital currency, and Freeman is one of the first Americans to promote it. He uses the cryptocurrency as an advocate of libertarian ideals. The self-proclaimed libertarian lives in rural New Hampshire. He is the figurehead of the Free Keene activist collective, which protests state power. He also co-founded the Shire Free Church, a non-profit dedicated to weaning a rural enclave from government funding.

The founder of the club is also under investigation. The National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police are conducting manhunt operations to catch Freeman. The reason behind his detention is the fact that the firm is suspected of being a large-scale investment scam. While the crime is not bailable, it can lead to a hefty fine. In any case, the situation is still very fluid. Mark Freeman, however, has been hiding in hiding for the past few months.

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